Thursday, November 29

La, la, la!


I know, I know.

But this time we're not moving down the street, we're moving to Germany! SHA-ZAM!!

Ok, not until June of next year, but after 7 long years here, it's on the books.

Auf Wiedersehen Maryland!

Tuesday, November 20

Slutty or Not?

So I'm going to Sarge's squadron's Christmas party this year. That means I have to dress in something other than jeans and sneakers. Bah.

I'm looking for a pair of heels, and kind of want to get these. Yeah, yeah, they're from Frederick's of Hollywood, but that was pretty much the only place I could find them within my price range, I don't want to spend more than $40.00 for a pair of shoes I'll only wear about 2x a year. But I like the heavy ankle strap look.

So the question is, are they too slutty? And are they AA(Age Appropriate)?

I will be pairing them with a pretty conservative skirt and blouse, what I might call, "Stealth Slutty".

Monday, November 19

The Sacrifice, and the Reward.

Here is the sacrifice.

That is 4 bags of toys and clothes that Piko and I cleaned out of her room to donate to the thrift store. 4 BAGS!!! This does not even count the one huge bag of things we threw away.

And here is the reward.

Now, I know, I know. We just cleaned out that room. Look at how nice it is!

The floor!!! I can see a sea of floor!!

And then we add a new toy.

Well, we went to Build-a-Bear because well, we NEVER go there. NEVER. My sister-in-law ruined us by taking Piko there when we were in Hawaii. She actually refused to tell me where they were going because she was afraid I would say no. I wouldn't have, it's just something that Sarge and I don't do. But as it turns out, surprise, surprise, Piko loved it, and loves her doll, Kiki.

So back to why we ended up going to B-a-B. One of Piko's favorite shows is Clean House. I don't know why. Anyway, while we were cleaning her room I kept talking like Niecy Nash. "Foolishness!!! unh!" "Get rid of the clutter!! uh-huh, that's what I'm talking about!" Anyway, it worked so well, that I decided (after talking with Sarge) that I would offer her a Clean House like reward. For those who don't watch, Niecy usually offers rewards as incentive for people to get rid of things. It's usually big ticket items like furniture or flooring. I didn't want to take her to Toys R' Us or anything like that with Christmas looming in the future. So I thought why not something that we would not normally do.

Now Kiki has a new friend named Tabbytha, as well as a clean house.

And all three of them like Mythbusters.

Saturday, November 17

Not Quite RIght

Blah. This is just not quite right. I think I'll have to keep tweaking it. I would really like my banner to look more like Finnegan's Cake. I think it has more to do with finding the right template. I'm getting all buggy eyed trying to do it.

Friday, November 16

Blog Play

Playing around a little with the layout, and considering a more personalized look.
For those with Blogger, How About Orange has a good tutorial on how to update/customize your template. I'm not quie there, all that coding talk makes me dizzy. I'm more of a click and stick kind of gal.

On other news, Piko has finally gotten over her Conjunctivitis, and is back at school. Just in time for the weekend, though she did learn 6 more sight words while she was stuck at home with me. YAY! I hate sight words.

PTA ladies are still nutty, I went to a PTA board meeting that lasted 4 hours!!! 4 FREAKING HOURS!!!! And they wonder why I won't sit on a committee. I would rather shoot myself.

Got to the gym today, and ow. Just ow, I can already feel that I'm going to hurt tomorrow. Ow.

Tuesday, November 13

If That's Not A Sign...

Yesterday, I broke my computer chair.

Sat right down and the SOLID METAL bar that holds the chair onto the swivel snapped. SNAPPED I SAY!!!


My fracken chair just called me a fatass!

Update 8:40 am: The gym is conspiring against me. It's closed today for installation of new equipment! BAH! So I had to drag my unmotivated self home, and exercise in Sarge's torture chamber cold garage gym. And now I want to bake brownies. Poo!

Monday, November 12

Weekend Warriors



It was a totally unscheduled weekend. Sarge was off from work, no birthdays, no PTA, no dinner plans, no nothing, nada, zilch, zip, diddly.

We did actually get out to see a movie. And anyone that knows Piko de Gallo live and in person knows that we NEVER ever get to go to the movies. She hates movies in the movie theatre with a passion. We don't know if it is the dark, or the huge screen, the loud, we are not sure. We do know that she hates animated movies though. Sleeping Beauty, hates it, Malefecent scary. Little Mermaid, hates it, Ursula, scary. Monsters Inc., well, duh, monsters=scary!!! You get the picture. Set her down infront of some bloody chummed up water on Discovery Channel Shark Week and she's happy, but an animated baddy, not so much.

Sarge bribed her with promises of Sprite and popcorn.

We ended up going to see "Bee Movie". Meh, good soundtrack, but it's not a keeper. At least we got out of the house.

Piko of course hated it, even if there were not real "Bad Guys" in it. She spent much of the movie on Sarge's lap, inadvertently slapping the lady next to her in the shoulder with a half eaten chicken strip. But she refused to leave, we were willing to chuck out $45.00 we spent getting tickets and refreshments for the sake of Piko's mental health. But really she couldn't stop watching.

Next up "Enchanted" because, we watched the "Making Of" short on Disney Channel, and saw that the dragon at the end is not really real. Hmmmmm, we'll see about that one, I'm thinking the very first showing about 2 weeks after it opens in theaters.

My dream though, a Mythbusters or Dirty Jobs feature film.

Thursday, November 8

I'm always managing to get messy.

I know, I know, a bit too old for the black nail polish. But I rather like it.

So what's all the paint about?
Piko's school is going on a Reading Safari!!!!! Whatever that is. All I know is I was asked to paint a jungle mural. Sarge says it's more of a forest, but what the hey. That's what they get when they only give me 2 days!

Poor Piko, she fell asleep wile we were reading tonight.

A closer bit of the "mural" and Dog deG's butt.

And you KNOW I got paint on the carpet! Frackity-frack!

Tuesday, November 6

Air Force Widow, Part II

Sarge seems to be determined to try again to make me an Air Force Widow

He got his Christmas present from me a bit early this year.

Here he is reliving his High School Gym class in our garage. As an aside, I think it's kind of funny that we were recently discussing Gym Teachers, and the "Evil Rope" on one of my favorite daily reads.

And this time he's taking the kid down with him!
We definitely need to keep our garage door closed from now on. There is no threat that will keep the neighborhood kids out with this thing dangling from our rafters.

Do you suppose that I could be implicated?? You know, since I purchased the rope for him? I suppose that the worst thing that could happen would be that he breaks a bone, and then maybe he'll finally get a couple of days off from work.

Monday, November 5

Without Friends Like These, Who Needs Friends....

I think that Piko is worried that I don't have any friends.

We were at her school helping out with set up for the Halloween Party"Fall Festival". Naturally the PTA is a bunch on ladies with a couple of dads and husbands thrown in.

So as we are leaving Piko asks me :"Mommy, you're making new grown up friends?"

Sarge mumbles under his breath: "God I hope not."

So I have to explain that while these nice ladies are not exactly my friends, they're not exactly not either.

A good teaching point I guess. I tell her it's like this, I don't expect her to be friends with everyone, there is always going to be someone in your class that you don't especially like. But I DO expect you to be polite and respectful to everyone, that includes people you don't really care for.

And then I thought nothing of it.

A couple of days later we're at a the fall sports awards banquet, and we bump into one of the PTA ladies that I actually wouldn't mind being friends with. We chat for a few minutes, and she talks with Piko a little. Later Piko asks me again if I'm going to be friends with the "Nice Lady".

I think that sometimes children are not given enough credit for being able to pick up on social cues, and folk think that they are not very observant. Heck, I don't think that my child is particularly observant most of the time, but sometimes she really does surprise me.

Friday, November 2

Tired? Me too

I blame President Bush.
What you say??
OK, so my neighbor and I were talking yesterday about how tired we have been this week. She beat me out by telling me that she went to bed at 8:30 on Wednesday, after Trick or Treating with her kids. Well, I give her leave to be more tired than I am since she has 3X as many children as I do. I fell asleep in the middle of Mythbusters on Wednesday, so I never did get to see Jamie jump on that pile of gunpowder. (I did suggest to Piko yesterday that we should be the Mythbusters for Hallowen next year, but was promptly shot down. I can't imagine any 6 year old girl who wouldn't want to wear a walrus mustache, a black beret, and a crisp white shirt as their costume. She wants to be some kind of princess again, go figure.)
Anyway, I mentioned that maybe it had to do with the fact that our bodies are used to being one hour behind by this time of the year. You know, since President Bush changed the day that we are going to get that extra hour of sleep.
Do you suppose that our internal body clocks are so well set that this could even be possible?

And on another note, yay for more mediocrity!! We're going to the first quarter awards ceremony at Piko's school today. One parent has told me that the Principal of the school does not believe in only rewarding some kids, and that everyone will most likely be getting some kind of an award. Way to encourage a sense of entitlement and lack of motivation in our children. From the Principal no less. I guess we have to wait and see what happens.

Thursday, November 1

Glad That's Over....

Halloween, over for another year. And we were heck-a busy.
Fall Festival, 2 birthday parties, soccer, pinata smash, all cumulating in the sugar fest of Trick O' Treating.

Finished shots of my horns, completing the outfit, heavy black eyeliner and awesome Drag Queen false eyelashes.

Piko in her costume last night, she eschewed(??) the makeup and hairstyling tonight, she just wanted to get outside with her friends.

Pumpkin pinata after it had been smashed. I forgot to take a picture of it hanging up.

The candy scramble.

Piko taking a shot at the second spider sack pinata.

And the aftermath. Poor pinatas, I know that's what they're made for, but still...

Sarge took Piko around the block for Treating, he had to be home by 7:00 or so because he had to be somewhere at 8:00. Well, they didn't make it back until almost 7:30!!! Sarge was carrying Piko's candy bucket, and his pockets were stuffed with more candy. Holy crap!!! Luckily more kids were still coming to our door, so I was able to sort Piko's stuff and get all of the taffy, gum, and things that she does not eat and redistribute. I swear she had about 6 lbs. of junk. And I have to say that Milk Duds are kicking my butt this year.