Thursday, November 30

Donor Day Out

The Librarian was up from Virgina to spend Turkey Day with us, since she is my official turkey frying bitch. Friday morning after sleeping off our tryptophan high, we all ventured to the National Mall for some Air and Space Museum, and ice skating at the Sculpture Garden.

This day shall henceforth be known as "Donor Day Out" and this is why.

While we were waiting in line to buy our skating tickets, The Librarian fell into conversation with the lady that was in front of us. I was standing with The Librarian, Sarge was watching Piko de Gallo jump all over the rink's retaining wall. The lady that The Librarian is chatting with comments on Piko de Gallo's cuteness. Yes, she is darn cute! And then this gem emerges:

"She is so cute. Who's is she? Yours? (Directed at The Librarian), ALL of yours?"


This is all the more funny because at one point as we were walking arm in arm to the skating rink, The Librarian and I were joking that we looked like a lesbian couple spending time with our daughter and her bio-dad.
Poor Sarge, always a donor, never a lesbian.

Wednesday, November 22

Good dad!

After a half an hour dinner conversation about 5 year olds taking Ritalin, other assorted childhood misbehaviors, and the parents that cause them.

Sarge lets Piko de Gallo take her Sprite to bed.

Tuesday, November 21

I heart Mr. Darcy

I love me some Mr. Darcy!!!
I will watch Pride and Prejudice every single time it comes on TV.
I'm talking about the new one with Kiera Knightly. I have not seen the old version with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy, but I'm sure I'd love it too.

And, I'm seriously loving on the actor that played Mr. Darcy in the newest version.
Matthew MacFayden. HOT!!!!

So of course I had to Google him to see what else he has been in. However, seeing him out of character I was a little disappointed. He's still kind of cute, but in a puffy John Cusack sort of way.

But of course I'm still going to watch, because Mr. Darcy rocks!
The sad thing though is that if I buy the DVD, I'll never watch it. I am that lazy in my adoration.

Tuesday, November 7

Day 1

Today is Day 1 of Sarge's new "No Carb" diet.

What he ate today...

Breakfast: Egg omelet, Orange Juice.

Lunch: Burger King. Also known as "The Beginning Of The End".

Afternoon Snack: Green Tea, 2 Madeleines.

Dinner: Hamburger Patty, 50/50 White and Brown Rice, Sweet Potato with butter and brown sugar.

Dessert: 1 Ice pop. 5 Oreo cookies and a glass of milk.

Carbs 5. Sarge 0.

Friday, November 3


I forgot to write about Halloween.

All I have to say is that Piko de Gallo got rooked at the "Harvest Fest" on base.

It would seem that nobody appreciates homemade costumes anymore!

She won 4th in the costume contest. And it was really a non-prize. One of the ladies handing out the prizes was the only one that thought she should have won, and sneaked her a prize.

Granted she looked like she was going to work on the strip, but she was very cute.

Sorry about the creepy painted over face, but it is Sarge's only request about this blog, that I not post pictures of her face.

Look, I'm a Halloween costume snob. And I blame my Mom. I don't think that we ever left the house with a store bought costume. We either made our own with whatever we could find around the house, or Mom slaved away for a month and made us something special. I would like to do the same for Piko de Gallo too. We were at the "Harvest Fest" and there were several other mermaids there, but they were all the same. I like that Piko de Gallo had an original costume, and nobody else looked like her. I'm not saying that store bought costumes are bad, or that they all suck. I know that not everyone has the time or the inclination to make something every year, and I'm sure that when she gets older and wants something from the store, I'll cave and buy her something. For now I have the time to make costumes, and it's kind of fun for me.

Sure in the end she did not lose to another "Ariel", the winners were a zombie cheerleader, a witch, and a power ranger.

But after sewing about 500 sequins to that damn fish tale, and making 15 realistic clay shells to glue to that crown, I WOULD LIKE A LITTLE RECOGNITION!!!

"Today is not about you." Sarge had to remind me.

The best part about the night was as we were leaving for the "Fest", she was standing by the door petting her costume and saying "I look pretty! I look so pretty!"

Thursday, November 2

Sarge's New Diet

So at dinner tonight Sarge announced that next week he is going to go CARB FREE!


Sarge came back from his deployment a svelte 180lbs. He was going to the gym daily, swimming, and eating grilled chicken salads for dinner. Granted I was trying to foil his plans of weight loss by sending him chocolate chip cookies, twizzlers, marshmallow fluff, and creme crackers. He looked great when he got home, and don't get me wrong, he still looks great.

But since he has been home, we have gone to Maine, and I think I have mentioned before what a caloric nightmare that was. He has also not been going to the gym regularly, and he has been eating my home cooking. Like I said, Sarge still looks great, but he has gained about 10 lbs. And it's all on his belly. (I constantly tell him that it is all part of my evil plan to make him chubby so no other women look at him)

So back to the CARB FREE diet.

Now, I'm no fan of this, and I will not be participating. I will reduce the amount of carbs I will eat, but to me cutting them out entirely is just kind of crazy. I'm sure that he has not intentions to maintain that diet for the rest of his life, so this just smacks of "fad diet" to me. I guess he wants to lose the spare tire.

The rest of this week we will slide gently into this "diet" by cutting back on carbs, and then next week, he's going cold turkey.

I'm sure I'll be e-mailing The Librarian with questions like:

Is instant oatmeal a carb?

No really, is it?