Friday, November 3


I forgot to write about Halloween.

All I have to say is that Piko de Gallo got rooked at the "Harvest Fest" on base.

It would seem that nobody appreciates homemade costumes anymore!

She won 4th in the costume contest. And it was really a non-prize. One of the ladies handing out the prizes was the only one that thought she should have won, and sneaked her a prize.

Granted she looked like she was going to work on the strip, but she was very cute.

Sorry about the creepy painted over face, but it is Sarge's only request about this blog, that I not post pictures of her face.

Look, I'm a Halloween costume snob. And I blame my Mom. I don't think that we ever left the house with a store bought costume. We either made our own with whatever we could find around the house, or Mom slaved away for a month and made us something special. I would like to do the same for Piko de Gallo too. We were at the "Harvest Fest" and there were several other mermaids there, but they were all the same. I like that Piko de Gallo had an original costume, and nobody else looked like her. I'm not saying that store bought costumes are bad, or that they all suck. I know that not everyone has the time or the inclination to make something every year, and I'm sure that when she gets older and wants something from the store, I'll cave and buy her something. For now I have the time to make costumes, and it's kind of fun for me.

Sure in the end she did not lose to another "Ariel", the winners were a zombie cheerleader, a witch, and a power ranger.

But after sewing about 500 sequins to that damn fish tale, and making 15 realistic clay shells to glue to that crown, I WOULD LIKE A LITTLE RECOGNITION!!!

"Today is not about you." Sarge had to remind me.

The best part about the night was as we were leaving for the "Fest", she was standing by the door petting her costume and saying "I look pretty! I look so pretty!"

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