Friday, June 29



Wednesday, June 27

de Gallo Milestones

Oh we have many to report today!!

Milestone #1: Kindergarten registration (and I managed to only forget one important document)!! Piko de G is going to school next year!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! That's my excitement. Not hers. She's a bit unsure of the "big kid school", and of going every day. I'm planning on staying home at least one more year so that I can volunteer at her school alot, and hopefully make her transition easier, without being a helicopter parent. Well, that and the fact that the school is not in the best area, nor does it get the greatest of recommendations from other parents. BUT, we are determined to give public school a chance.

Milestone #2: Big girl's jump from the side of the big kid pool! Yes, that's right, Miss. "I-don't-like-to-get-my-face-wet" actually jumped from the edge of the big kid pool. Huzza!!!

That's right, you heard me. Holy poo on a stick! It was great! She still has a bit of a hard time when she has to come up for air, but she swims a good 3-4 feet from the stairs to my arms.

Ok, so the swimming milestones are more for the folks that actually know Piko de G IRL. Let me 'splain. Piko was a child that up to the age of 2.5 could not stand to have her hair washed. Seriously it was like trying to wash a cat. I don't know why it took me so long to come up with a method that worked, the "Magic Towel". It was just a wash cloth or hand towel that she held over her face so that the water would not get on it. She hated the pool, but liked the beach, I guess since it was sort of shallow and there was sand. Something changed though last year late in the swimming season. She started liking it. And this year, Ba-da-BOOM! Swimming. I'm so proud of her, I could burst.

Now The Librarian's nickname for her really fits. "Little Fish"

Tuesday, June 26

Oh yeah!

I did have some news to write about. And I totally forgot!

We had HAIL!!

It was quite nutty. I have some video of it pummeling our van. We were a bit worried, but there was no damage. We would have felt like right fools if we finally had a garage, and our car was dented by hail.

Six years we have been living in this area, and this is the first time we have ever seen it. Weird.

Monday, June 25

It's 1:30am and I'm up coughing a lung out.

Freakin-A I hope that the NyQuil kicks in soon because I'm tired.

So, nothing much to talk about at the de Gallo camp. The move is finally totally and completely over, we are checked out and cleared from the old place. All ten fingers and toes accounted for. For now.

The Librarian came for a visit last week. I love her. LOVE HER! She got me an early birthday present. A MASSAGE! What perfect timing. We usually go for a mutual massage day for our birthdays sometime during the summer. This year though I got together with a bunch of my other friends and bought her some of those Bose noise cancelling headphones for her trip to Africa. Well, she decided that since she had traveled half way around the world, and I moved my entire house myself (well, at least half of it), we should go get our massages anyway. And she treated. I love her, did I mention that already? Well, I usually come away from a massage feeling relaxed, but not feeling like my knots and kinks were worked out. Well, let me tell you, this time the masseuse pummeled me. And it was gooooood. But being me, my massage was only three days ago, and again I'm all crunchy and tensed up again. Poo!!

I almost forgot to post this too. In addition to the headphones, I made The Librarian a quilt. I only have photos of it before I backed it, and quilted it, because I was going to take a picture of her and Piko de G sitting on it or something. And of course I forgot. Here it is hanging at our old place.

I love the way that it looks with the sun shining through it, like a stained glass window.

It's called "The Librarian is Charming", because it's made with Heather Bailey Freshcut "Charms". I have to get a picture of it finshed. I want one for myself. I think I should make another one.

Ooookay, the NyQuil is kicking in.

Sunday, June 17

M. Sarge almost made an Air Force Widow out of me today.

We finally moved the washer and dryer to the new(ish) house, and as I was fiddling around with the stuff that was around the laundry M. Sarge was removing the 4 prong electrics that were attached to the dryer. The new(ish) house has a 3 prong outlet, and luckily we have a 3 prong cord.

I'm sure you can see where this is all going.

I'm around the corner from the laundry area and I see a bright flash and hear a loud bang. HOLY CRAP!!! WHAT WAS THAT?!?!?

Apparently M. Sarge wanted to make sure that the 3 prong plug actually fit into the outlet, so he plugged it in.


He's fine. I'm sure he has lost some of the hair on his hand, but other than a new healthy respect for Mr. Electricity, business as usual.

On a high note, we now know where the fuse box is.

Wednesday, June 13

Loving Day

So I'm a day late, but every day is Loving Day at our house. Piko is the beautiful product of an interracial marriage. It is quite strange to think that only 40 years ago, M. Sarge and I would not have been able to legally marry.

Here are a couple of unusually similar photos of my family and M.Sarge's. Strangely they were both taken at our respective Grandmother's houses, probably around the same year, 1976 or 1977.

I think that my brother is holding a bag full of mangoes from my Grandma's tree, my dad took a cutting from that tree before the house was sold, and has another tree grown at his house. There is nothing like a warm mango picked right off the tree on a summer afternoon.

Check it! M. Sarge's dad is wearing PLAID PANTS!!!

Monday, June 11

The Cat Has Arrived!

She does not look happy.
So I guess we are officially moved.
Now to put everything away.

Thursday, June 7

More Moving 411

We are a go for transferring cable to our new(ish) place tomorrow.

Mrs. S, I know you're crossing your fingers for me in hopes I get "Butt-Crack Comcast Tech!".

We had to inform Piko de G that there would probably be no TV for a couple of days. "No TV for Piko de G?" she says. She has started referring to herself in the third person, and I'm not sure if it's cute and funny, or irritating and babyish yet.
So yes, I had to inform her that we will be missing out on our 11 am, pre-lunch Mythbusters fix for the next couple of days.

And yeah, still hating the moving.

Wednesday, June 6

My friend Jacy is lauding the benefits of exercise to banish personal demons.

And I agree, there is nothing like an hour at the gym sweating your pores out, and concentrating on yourself to make you feel good.

M. Sarge has great plans of eventually turning his new cave into a home gym, so he does not need leave home to do weights. He's such an awesome husband and dad that I thought that I would surprise him with these Blast Straps to get him started. Are those exercise redonks or what?

I personally prefer actually going to the gym, which is now located almost directly behind our house. I could probably jog there in less than 5 minutes. Some day I'll get up the gumption to post pictures of myself at my brother's wedding, and me now.



That is all.

Saturday, June 2

Hi-Ho! Hi-Ho! Moving house we go!!

Well, Sarge is now Master Sarge. Well, he's really MSgt. Sarge. 'Cause he ain't no master of me. Anyhoo...

We decided to see if we could squeeze a bigger house out of the housing office on base, and they offered us one. It's quite older than our current townhouse, but it has 4 bedrooms, and A GARAGE!!!!

Piko was excited that the minivan would have a "room of it's own", but of course you know that garage is being made over into the Batcave. Sarge has already bought a mini-fridge. I am so glad that he is not a beer drinker, or I know we would have a Kegerator. Hmmm......I wonder if they make a Whiskyrator?

So we will be real busy. I have to transplant my garden, and yeah, there's all that pesky moving of stuff that we have to do. I guess I don't have to go to the gym this week.