Friday, May 30

I <3 British TV

I would say that it is pretty well established that I love me some TV.

But I especially love British TV. BBC, in all it's glory, iTV. Yay!!

Where else can you see something as awesome as TJ Wheels!!!

And then there was "Hoop-La-La". Hoop-La-Freakin-Awesome if you ask me. I do have to say that they really benefited from the professional styling that the show gave them. They were on Britain's Got Talent. Even Simon ended up liking them.

Of course this video does not work now, but you can view it on the Hoop-La-La website. I think I just like saying "Hoop-La-La".

Lots of great variety talent shows on, that I enjoy so much more than Crap Idol.

Thursday, May 29

Some things

I've noticed that the Germans are obsessed with their plants!! Not just their gardens, which are very wonderful as well, but house plants.

I remarked to Sarge the other day that when you drive past the oldest, ex-barn, tin roofed, run down house, there are always tons of plants in the windows. It's like they see an empty windowsill, and feel the need to fill it. Fill it with plants.

I have not taken any photos as examples, because I think it's kind of weird to take pictures of peoples front windows.

As a comparison, there is the front window of out American friend's house.

Only a few plants, and quite afew of those are dying. I laughed at her, but she said she warned her landlord when she moved in, and told him that she was death to plants, but he still left them.

Another funny/geeky thing.

These are the trash cans in the laundry room at the hotel we are staying at.

I'm such a dork. Though in the photo they don't look quite as Dalek-y as they did when I initially saw them.

Friday, May 23

Target. WhatTheWhat??!

Oh Target how I love thee. I really will miss walking the halls of the bullseye on a regular basis. However your on-line site is made of win too, so there is some slight relief there.

But what's up with this??

I bought some rain boots for myself, some school shoes for Piko deGallo, a t-shirt, and a solar system mobile. I was taking advantage of their free shipping offer.

I got 4 different "Your order has shipped" confirmation e-mails!!

No, not that they e-mailed me 4 times to tell me that my order has shipped. 4 separate shipments!!

Is that normal? I suppose it could be that each item is coming from a different fufillment warehouse, but still. I guess I should just smile and be happy that I got free shipping on all of the items.

Come on, it's not just me, that's weird.

P.S. Mrs. S. I looked up the word for composting bin. BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAAA!!
it's Kompostierungssortierfach. Like I'm even going to to be able to say that to my landlord!! 25 letters man!!

Wednesday, May 21


Another day, another move.

We've gone from our base house in MD, to temporary lodging on base, to the LaQuinta Inn (THE AWESOME BTW) outside of Baltimore, to temporary lodging on base in Germany, to an efficiency apartment in a town outside the base.

We finally move into our house on June 1!!!

While on the base I was walking everywhere, safety briefing, commissary, post office, gym, housing office, Piko deGallo's school. Pretty much every day. This base is small, but not *that* small.

Our car gets here somewhere around the 10th of June. Though I don't even have my drivers license for Germany yet, so it wouldn't even matter if the car was here.

Side note!!! Hooray, I just got a call that some of our furniture has arrived! Woo!

So I'm in a wee town, with no car. I guess I'll take the day off from waking, and just veggie with the internets, and my 3 English language TV channels. Maybe walk around the village and get some Doner Kebab for lunch.

This is my happy thought.That is the view from our house's back porch.

Not complaining, just updating.

Saturday, May 17

Good Girl!

I know I complain alot about Dog DeGallo. Or well, I complain about her alot to people I know IRL.

But she really is a great dog. Hello, she puts up with my occasionally dressing her up in Piko deGallo's tutus, and stuff like this:

I was a bit worried about her in all of the hotels and temporary housing we were going to be spending time in during the move, but she just makes herself right at home.

I'm making it official and putting out there on the internets.

I love my dog, farts, dandruff, snoring, bad breath and all

Wednesday, May 14

Best Sign

This sign was posted at the vehicle shipping center in Baltimore.

It was maybe the funniest thing I saw that week.

Monday, May 12

Ah, Germany!

The Commissary is small.
The Post office is inconvenient.
There are no Slurpies.
Too many Americans.

Rolling green fields, and hillsides covered with grapevines in bloom.
A great elementary school for Piko deGallo.
We found a house with a garage for Sarge, a yard for Dog, a tree for Piko's swing, and a garden for me.
Yummy delicious, wonderfully crusty, delicious bread!!
The very wee commissary has Greek yogurt. Yumm!!!

All in all, this place is great!! I'm so glad Sarge took these orders.

Friday, May 2

Hotel Limbo

We're currently in a La Quinta Inn about 20 miles outside of Baltimore.
Just waiting to catch a plane to Germany.
Sarge, Me, Piko, Dog. One room.