Friday, May 23

Target. WhatTheWhat??!

Oh Target how I love thee. I really will miss walking the halls of the bullseye on a regular basis. However your on-line site is made of win too, so there is some slight relief there.

But what's up with this??

I bought some rain boots for myself, some school shoes for Piko deGallo, a t-shirt, and a solar system mobile. I was taking advantage of their free shipping offer.

I got 4 different "Your order has shipped" confirmation e-mails!!

No, not that they e-mailed me 4 times to tell me that my order has shipped. 4 separate shipments!!

Is that normal? I suppose it could be that each item is coming from a different fufillment warehouse, but still. I guess I should just smile and be happy that I got free shipping on all of the items.

Come on, it's not just me, that's weird.

P.S. Mrs. S. I looked up the word for composting bin. BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAAA!!
it's Kompostierungssortierfach. Like I'm even going to to be able to say that to my landlord!! 25 letters man!!


she said: said...

You know... when I was in grade school they made us learn how to spell antidistablishmentarianism. I dont know what that says about the California school system. But that is a different story. Kompostierungssortierfach is a good one.

Re target : ruining the earth baby.. ruining the earth.

MdG said...

At least I'll be able to put the boxes they come in into my Kompostierungssortierfach .

Though, when I look at it, Kompostierungs...right, composting.
Sortier...ok, sorting.
Fach...maybe, trash?

Our landlord is so nice, he'll probably buy us one.

Today we're off to look for a “Gebrauchtwagen”. Used car.