Friday, May 30

I <3 British TV

I would say that it is pretty well established that I love me some TV.

But I especially love British TV. BBC, in all it's glory, iTV. Yay!!

Where else can you see something as awesome as TJ Wheels!!!

And then there was "Hoop-La-La". Hoop-La-Freakin-Awesome if you ask me. I do have to say that they really benefited from the professional styling that the show gave them. They were on Britain's Got Talent. Even Simon ended up liking them.

Of course this video does not work now, but you can view it on the Hoop-La-La website. I think I just like saying "Hoop-La-La".

Lots of great variety talent shows on, that I enjoy so much more than Crap Idol.


she said: said...

Yeah - you found a solution.

Were you watching Ninja Warrior before you left?

Gifted Typist said...

I lived there for 7 years. You can never really enjoy tv again after watching british tv

Check out jools hollands music show and Jonathan Ross's chat show

MdG said...

Mrs. S: Yes we did watch alot of Ninja Warrior. That show is totally awesome. We still have not really found a great solution to the whole TV thing. We have been in hotels and temporary places that have TV hooked up already. Someday we'll get around to getting something for our house.

GT: I really love BBC, the pure un-messed with BBC, not that crud on BBCA. I was addicted when we lived in Belgium, and I just hope that when we hook up our service we receive at least one BBC channel.