Wednesday, May 21


Another day, another move.

We've gone from our base house in MD, to temporary lodging on base, to the LaQuinta Inn (THE AWESOME BTW) outside of Baltimore, to temporary lodging on base in Germany, to an efficiency apartment in a town outside the base.

We finally move into our house on June 1!!!

While on the base I was walking everywhere, safety briefing, commissary, post office, gym, housing office, Piko deGallo's school. Pretty much every day. This base is small, but not *that* small.

Our car gets here somewhere around the 10th of June. Though I don't even have my drivers license for Germany yet, so it wouldn't even matter if the car was here.

Side note!!! Hooray, I just got a call that some of our furniture has arrived! Woo!

So I'm in a wee town, with no car. I guess I'll take the day off from waking, and just veggie with the internets, and my 3 English language TV channels. Maybe walk around the village and get some Doner Kebab for lunch.

This is my happy thought.That is the view from our house's back porch.

Not complaining, just updating.


she said: said...

Wow! Look at you. It looks like a park.

Maybe once you get into your place email will be better - because one of ours thinks the other is a spammer for some reason.

At first I thought those kabobs her coming from donors.

she said: said...

P.S. did you get my eml about

MdG said...

I only got the one "testing" e-mail from you. That sucks though, and you're not even showing up in my junk mail. Poop! does not stream outside of the US. I was all "WOOT!!!AWESOME....or not. DAMN!"

she said: said...

I think the problem must be on your side then. Otherwise the eml I sent from yahoo should have reached you. I'll rply to the message you sent today and see what happens. If no heary - its busted.

Pageant Mom said...

It looks so peaceful!!

I can't wait to hear about your adventures in Germany!