Tuesday, November 16

New Re-Obsession

I've recently become re-obsessed with my Flickr account.

I've been on Flickr for about 4 years now, but have not really done anything with it since I started my cake blog.

But, since I'm such rubbish with sending pictures to relatives, and the new Hotmail is even more rubbish at uploading photos I recently upgraded my account. Woo!

My Flickr site.

Nothing terribly exciting going on there, but when I signed up for a Pro account I did get a free photo book from SnapFish, which was awesome too.

Monday, November 1

Jupiter's Chicken

I have recently inherited a stash of undershirts from Sarge. Since he only wears his blues uniform once a week, these shirts are practically new. And I've been needing new work out shirts something awful.

A plain white t is not really my bag.

So, a plain white t + too much Spartacus: Blood and Sand =

Jupiter's cock!!!

I wear this out in public, so I could not be too literal, still, I don't think that many people will get it.

Here it is used in context.