Sunday, December 31

Target and the truffles of Poo!

Piko de Gallo and I set off to Target the day after Christmas (Boxing Day to you Librarian!) to buy some cheap wrapping paper and spend some of the Grandma cash she got. Our neighborhood (emphasis on the "hood" part) Target is rarely crowded and we easily found parking and lots and lots of wrapping paper. However the toy department was almost competely wiped out!! Piko de Gallo was a little dissapointed, but she managed to find a Polly Pocket set that she had on her Christmas wishlist.

I on the other hand was delighted to find that select Choxie products were 50% off!!

Oh the joy! I picked out some lovely dark chocolate truffles.

Dark chocolate truffles!! YUM!! 50% off, I can get two boxes!

All is good and I get everything home, put everything away, and open the box.


A box full of delicious chocolate poo!

Needless to say I had to eat them all before they grossed me out too much.

Wednesday, December 27

Super Spectacular Update!!

I have convinced Piko de Gallo to update her vocabulary, replacing "Tushie" with "TOCKS!!!"

Best. Kid. EVER!!

Thursday, December 21

My new favorite word


As in buttocks.

I said it today as Sarge and I were getting into the car on the way to the gym. I was having panty issues, and he mentioned that he does not have that problem with his undies. And I said, "So the whities stay firmly in the cheek crease of your 'tocks?"

It's been a long time since I've been able to make him laugh that hard. I shall have to now use that word at least ten times a day.

Thank you Cuteoveload for my new favorite word.

Other than panty issues, nothing. My life is just that boring.