Tuesday, November 11


AAAA!!!! I want to put this on my MP3 player!
This might possibly be even better than the Weird Al Star Wars tribute!

Sunday, November 9

Country Living

Usually I hate getting stuck behind a tractor on our winding country road.
But I love getting stuck behind a tractor when there's a doggie bouncing along in the cab with the driver.
And this time I had my camera!


Right after I took this picture, the tractor started to pull to the side, and I though he was letting me pass. BUT NO!!! Another tractor, just as wide, was coming from the other direction!!! Piko de Gallo and I screamed!!!!!

Wednesday, November 5

More proof

I know I keep going on and on about how I'm turning Piko de Gallo into a mad geek.

Well, the Halloween season was ripe with opportunities for her true (unprompted) geek-ness to shine through.

Here are the cakes I made this year for the school's cakewalk.

Piko deG sees them. "Ooooh!! The eyeball cakes! One normal, and the other one THE GREAT EYE!!!! But Mama, the Great Eye is all red!"


Tuesday, November 4

My Girl

So this morning, Piko deGallo tells me to vote for John McCain.

"Because he's handsome."

Yeah, that's my girl.

Monday, November 3


It's been a busy month. And not busy-funny, or busy-interesting. Just busy.
And it's my own damn fault for saying I'll do stuff, so I'll just shut up about it.

And I'll tell a sort of funny story.

Our landlord had to come over the other day to fix something. We have not seen him in about 5 months. It's a good thing really, we wait on the little things until something big needs fixing, then we add on all the little jobs.


We were talking a bit about the property he owns around our house (which is quite extensive), and he tells us his dad used to have honey bees here.

"I likes the honeys" he says.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Me too, Mr. Landlord, me too.