Monday, July 27

Geek vacation!

Where would us dorks choose to go on vacation?

Where we can all be geeks!


A pretty good deal for this time of the year. I think we paid about 511 Euro for 3 nights at a nice hotel, and two day passes to the park for all three of us.

This is why we don't go on many holidays, Sarge has a heart attack whenever we have to shell out for vacations. He's been watching our savings grow, and whenever we make a large purchase, I think it physically hurts him.

The he had a second heart attack when I reminded him that we would probably come home with another 100 Euro in Legos.

I hope they have all the Star Wars figures!

Saturday, July 25

The small things

I felt pretty good about myself yesterday. I managed to rip about 10% of my CD collection onto iTunes. Yeah, yeah, big deal..

Sadly this all took alot of research on my part. Seriously.

First I ripped about 4 CDs to the Real Player program on my computer. Then I realized that was not going to work so much. So I actually had to go search the help files. Ok, find the Windows Media Player and start ripping there. iTunes and see if I can start transferring stuff there.


Copy my CD's straight to iTunes? DOH!!!

Yet, it does not end there.

For some reason each song was taking about 3 minutes to copy. This is going to take forever!! What's that? Window's Media Player is still open?

Well, look at that, it's just blazing through now.

So yeah, that took up most of my night.

And crap, a single episode of Mythbusters takes 8 hours to download!! 8 HOURS PEOPLE!!

Like I told my friend Mama Bird, the internets are not the only slow thing in this house.

Thursday, July 9


Spending time at the German hospital I tend to notice the little changes. No, this is not a picture of a weird European toilet. It is a Dyson Airblade!!
I love most things Dyson, Dyson himself is pretty freaking cool.

Of course I took a video of it drying my hands, but I could not get it to load on Blogger. Boo!

You can actually see the skin on my hands rippling! Crazy!

Wednesday, July 8

Question of the day


If a person...say...ME, has pulmonary embolisms, granted very small ones.

What does it mean when blood tests show hemophilia?


Tuesday, July 7


New toy!!!

Now if I can figure out how to use it.
For real, no user manual.

Thursday, July 2


Well, one of the excuses I have for not updating this blog is my hands have been pretty busy.

I started making cakes for friends on their birthdays, which turned into referrals to others for cakes for parties and other occastions.

I have a little side business going. I've even started an un-anonymous blog to direct people to when they are intersted in seeing past cakes.

My cakes!!!

I'm getting a little worried about making cakes this summer though because the weather is turning very humid. Fondant tends to get a little weird in humid weather.

But, my goal is to be able to buy an iTouch at the end of summer. Only 4 more cakes to go before I reach my goal!!