Thursday, July 9


Spending time at the German hospital I tend to notice the little changes. No, this is not a picture of a weird European toilet. It is a Dyson Airblade!!
I love most things Dyson, Dyson himself is pretty freaking cool.

Of course I took a video of it drying my hands, but I could not get it to load on Blogger. Boo!

You can actually see the skin on my hands rippling! Crazy!


The Librarian said...

Oh yeah - those things have been showing up here, too. Imagine, an air dryer that can actually dry your hands!! Usually those things are useless.

And yes, the hand rippling is fascinating!

MdG said...

I remember seing a tv ad for this several years ago, but have never seen one in action.

But holy LOUD! This is a tiny bathroom too, so wow.