Wednesday, July 8

Question of the day


If a person...say...ME, has pulmonary embolisms, granted very small ones.

What does it mean when blood tests show hemophilia?



she said: said...

It would lead me to believe the tests are wrong. Growing up with someone who had hemophilia - it is almost exclusively a male dominated desease. You'd bleed to death when you had your period.

I'd have to search for the occurance in females, but it would be exceedingly rare.

Sorry to hear you are still having problems. ;(

she said: said...

Here is a wiki page:

MdG said...

Yeah, I would imagine I would have died several years ago right? And I had no real complications when Piko de Gallo was born. It's not like it's something that just happens.

I'm a medical conondrum

she said: said...

No. It is a genetic thing, so you can't just get it later in life. As I recall, even the men who get it do not live a long life. They seem to have all sorts of secondary factors.

At least you can reasonably rule that out.