Thursday, April 24

Moving Jitters? And a Gym Rant

This morning I woke up at 4 freaking 30 AM!! 4:30 folks!! And I couldn't go back to sleep.

The movers are coming today. All that was running through my mind was what items I have to put notes on so that they don't pack them. The last time we were moved, a little piece of baseboard from the kitchen was found lovingly wrapped among our belongings. Granted the movers were Belgian, and probably though we were crazy Americans anyway.

So an early morning post for you all to keep me out of the kitchen. I don't think that Totino's Pizza Rolls at 5:00 AM goes along with Sarge's diet plan.

I'm using Sarge's laptop, which has a whole other set of bookmarks than mine, and I stumbled across this awesome post from Rob the Doorman over at Clublife. This pretty much sums up my whole attitude about people at the gym. Sarge would agree heartily with #1, and #9. I'm more of a #4, and #5.

While I'm not the most athletically gifted person by any stretch of the imagination, I did dance for quite a few years when I was younger. I would like to think that this gave me a pretty decent ability to mimic movement, or at least to see when my body is not doing what I want it to. Many of the exercises we are doing following the CrossFit plan are totally new to me. Clean and Jerk, Split Jerks, and those other Olympic type weightlifting moves. It took me some time to understand the right way to lift my elbows and thrust them under the bar in the same movement, I'm still not great, but I'm better. But I can definitely tell when I'm not doing it right. Sarge and I always talk about the funny we see at the gym, which is sometimes comically considerable. Sarge says that it's because people have a very hard time mimicking movement that they see. But I wonder, there are mirrors in the gym. Everywhere. Maybe they're looking at their awesome pecks, and are distracted. The worst offenders, squats, walking lunges, and dumbbell shoulder presses. Seriously? Squats and lunges are some of the best exercises for overall strength and fitness. If you do them right!!! Also, what's with doing the same exercises every week, and taking the 10 minute recovery rests between sets? Sarge says that this is the result of not altering the workout since High School, or reading. Look, I'm no exercise guru or anything, but let's just say results speak for themselves. I've been doing CrossFit for about a month with Sarge. I have more muscle definition in my arms and legs, and I have increased my strength by about 25%. Try something new at the gym people! That's what the internets are for, not just porn! What worked for you at 17 is not going to do it at 30. Granted I have the best, most patient workout partner ever, so it makes my voyage to the dark side so much easier.

We're not going to the gym for the rest of the week, mostly because of the move, but also because I'm sick. Moving and sick. Awesome. But I did look at the workout for today anyway. Ha-Freaking-HA! I probably would have barfed.

Too Much

Well, we're packing, again.
Do you think I have too much fabric?

See you all from Germany!

Wednesday, April 16

Take Me Out!!

The view the instant you step out of the Metro. The stadium is literally half a block away off of the Navy Yard stop.

This was the view from our seats. Piko was intrigued/obsessed with the big "W" on the grass. Sarge did a pretty good job with our seats. They were waaaaaay up there, but they were still very good. That guy in the blue hat kept blocking my view of home plate though.

Piko was having a great time.

We watched the first three innings complete. Then since we were on the verge of horribly under dressed, it was pretty windy and cold. Piko and I set off in search of some hot chocolate. Wouldn't you know, we walked around the whole freaking stadium, and there was only one vendor who had hot chocolate?!??! It took so long for us to find it that by the time I thought about it, all of the potato knish's were sold out!! BAH! We finally made our way back to our seats for the end of the 6th inning. By the 7th inning stretch Sarge was ready to go, so we made our way down to the main concourse.

Here they are, stopping to view the game from another angle.

Of course we stopped briefly at the "Strike Zone" and let Piko have a go in the bounce house. But we had to be quick to get outside to line up for what was surely the highlight of the day.
Kids run the bases!!!! It was mighty awesome to go out on the field. The Rushmores were at every base cheering the kids on as they ran around.

All and all, Piko gives a day at the Park the thumbs up!

Tuesday, April 15


Look at what happened to me today!

Sarge and I were done with our workout today (hang power cleans. My max load 65lbs! WOOT!) and were messing around wasting time. I'm determined to be able to do a pull-up some day. Seriously, I can't do even one. It's pretty pathetic. He was showing me how to swing to work my way up to a pull-up. Suddenly RIIIP!!! OW! MAN! I have been working on building up that callus for some time now.

Dang it! Now I have to be a lame-o and wear a glove on that hand for about a week.

Sunday, April 13

A Question

So, I was thinking I would take a sort of poll.

I just finished this quilt for our bed.

Here is a close up of the fabric.

I love it. It is the first queen sized quilt I have ever made for myself.
Anyhoo, several of my friends have commented on it while it was in progress.

"Oh! That's nice. Is that for your room? Sarge is going to let you put that on the bed? My husband would never sleep on something so flowery."


This is not the first time that I have experienced this either. Some husbands will not "allow" pink towels, flowered sheet sets, or any other color than blue for a bath poof.

Sarge, what does he care. If it's soft and comfy he'll use it. It's not like the man police are going to bust down our door and arrest him for pink sheets. Besides, see that yellow pillowcase under the blue one on the left? That's his pillow, it has flowers and butterflies.

Anyway, do men really care about stuff like that? Or are my friends just lame?

Really though, I do already know the answer.

Friday, April 11

Big Sigh

Well, only 2 more weeks until our house is packed up and loaded on it's way to Germany.

I got the reality check when a friend dropped by yesterday to pick up some of my container gardening items. Librarian, you will be happy to know that the planter "Turkey Dinner" gave to you, and you gave to me, is going on to a new good home. It's funny to look out into my yard and see those bare spots where things used to be. It's also kind of sad because the weather is slowly coaxing my garden back to life. Too bad too, because last year was a transplant year, so much of what I had was very sad during the growing season. This year, I was really hoping that my peony bush would actually bloom. Not to worry though, I'm sure I'll be able to have a great garden in Deutschland.

In other busy deGallo news. Sarge has taken to calling me "The Sewing Hermit". That's pretty much what I'm doing all the time these days. Teachers at the school found out that I'm leaving, so 4 of them put in orders for seat sacks. I had to cut it off after those 4 were done. Uniform orders keep showing up at the door, literally. I opened the door this morning, and a bag of uniforms was there. I told Sarge that they've taken to just leaving them like orphans on our doorstep. I'm trying to bang all of this "work" stuff out so that I have time to finish some personal projects before I lose my BFF for a couple months. Not that I'll be able to use it much over in Germany. Sarge did say that I could buy a 220V machine though. WOO!

In between relocating appointments and sewing, Sarge has managed to convert me over to the dark side of his exercise plan. CrossFit. And while I am always bitching and moaning about exercise, I actually kind of like this program. The exercises are extremely varied from day to day, and some workouts are long, some are short. And hello, yesterday, I deadlifted my body weight. Well, my body weight -10lbs. But that's still pretty good, cause I'm no 98lbs!

And on a creative front, I've made these water bottle holders for the kids in Piko deG's class.

We are going to miss the "Field Day" celebration at the school. So I thought that these might be good for the kids to carry their bottles of water in. That way they can keep their water with them, and they don't get misplaced as easily, or mixed up with each others.

Here is the action shot.

I hope that they use them.

Saturday, April 5

Henna Party!

Last night we had a Henna/Movie/Pizza night at our neighbor's house.

Awhile ago my neighbor came back from a trip to Florida. She and one of her daughters had visited an amusement park there where they were doing henna tattoos. They didn't have time to stop for one, but brought a kit home. I was over at their house one day and noticed the kit. I love doing henna!!! The librarian can attest to this. When we were roommates after college the whole Madonna/henna thing hit the mainstream, with her Ray of Light album. I spent some time decorating myself and my roommates. It was some fun.

Anyway, that first henna kit she bought from the amusement park was for crap, and didn't take. So, she went to AC Moore and bought this kit. This kit is awesome! The henna powder is very fine and has no clumps or debris. They provide a great applicator bottle, with an awesome fine tip that makes wonderful lines. There's lots of eucalyptus oil, and the mordant liquid they provide is pre mixed and does not stink at all.

And though the amount seems very small, it was enough to do all of these designs.

Plus, my own left arm, and my feet.
I don't have any "after" pictures yet. but just based on Piko, and my results, it came out very well.
Is it bringing back memories Ms. Librarian?

I forgot to add the funniest moment of the night. A couple of us were in the kitchen applying henna, and the rest of the children (3, 1 of mine, 2 of hers) were in the living room "playing". Suddenly there is crying and yelling. It went something like this.
Kid 1: Waaaaaaa!!!! She broke my wand!!!
Kid 2: I did not!!!
Mom: What happened?
Kid 1: She broke my wand! WAAAAAAAA!!!
Mom: Kid 2, did you break her wand?
Kid 2: Well, yeah....
Mom: Why would you do that?!? I think you should apologize.
Kid 2: Yeah, but...
Kid 1: She broke it!!! She didn't even say sorry!
Mom: Tell her you're sorry!
Kid 2: Yeah, but she was hitting me with the wand, and that's why it broke!!
Mom:................You kids are going to make me crazy!!
Me: (in the kitchen, to myself) Too late.

Wednesday, April 2

Well....Thanks, I Guess.

I came home from marketing the other morning and Sarge greets me with:

"I got you a present!!!! Well, actually it's more of a presnt for you that's for me."

You know I don't like Victoria's Secret! I tell him.

"I know that!!" He says. "It's much better! I got baseball tickets!!"

Well. Yay?

"They're for the Nationals, at the new stadium!"

Ok, I'll admit, this does kind of sound like a good time to me. We used to get tickets for an Orioles game about once a year whenever the Red Sox would play in Baltimore. But we have been slacking quite a bit the past two or so years. I know that Sarge probably bought the cheapest seats available, and is bringing me along so that I can keep Piko deGallo entertained, but I'm easily swayed by overpriced hot dogs, lemonade, and cotton candy.

Anyone want to take bets on how many innings we get through before Piko and I end up here?