Sunday, April 13

A Question

So, I was thinking I would take a sort of poll.

I just finished this quilt for our bed.

Here is a close up of the fabric.

I love it. It is the first queen sized quilt I have ever made for myself.
Anyhoo, several of my friends have commented on it while it was in progress.

"Oh! That's nice. Is that for your room? Sarge is going to let you put that on the bed? My husband would never sleep on something so flowery."


This is not the first time that I have experienced this either. Some husbands will not "allow" pink towels, flowered sheet sets, or any other color than blue for a bath poof.

Sarge, what does he care. If it's soft and comfy he'll use it. It's not like the man police are going to bust down our door and arrest him for pink sheets. Besides, see that yellow pillowcase under the blue one on the left? That's his pillow, it has flowers and butterflies.

Anyway, do men really care about stuff like that? Or are my friends just lame?

Really though, I do already know the answer.


she said: said...

I think your friends are mostly lame. From what I know about men - as long as it serves the intended purpose. They don't care what it looks like.

If it makes you happy, and it serves the intended purpose. That's a huge score. All men want to do it make women happy.

Since they find doing that complicated - they'll put up with almost anything when it comes to fashion.

How long do you think it will take for you to get on the internet after you move to Germany? Because - I'll not be waiting to hear all about your trip, and your new digs. And how Piko loved the trip.

MdG said...

That is pretty much what I figured.

Though, when I put the new quilt on the bed Sarge came in the room and yelled:

"Are you out of your freaking mind WOMAN?!?! I'm not sleeping on no flowers!!"

So I yelled back:

"You will, and YOU WILL LIKE IT!!!!"

Then we gave eachother a big kiss. Sarge is the awesome.

Gifted Typist said...

lame lame lame.

Why are flowers only associated with women? Don't men appreciate the beauty and fragrance of flowers.

Besides, you made that beautiful quilt with your own hands. What a gift to sleep on.

Dont' even question yourself on that one.

MdG said...

I do feel that I should also mention that these are not my Grilfriends I'm talking about. These are just ladies I know. Not people like The Librarian or Red. Because I already know that they would never be that lame.

Jane Austen Jr. said...

Haha, the man police- I love it. Most, if not all, of my male friends would take that warm, soft quilt in a heartbeat and curl into the fetal position.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clariying comment :-) I'm a little anxiety ridden over the fact that you are moving very, very far away. I don't like it one bit!!!
-The Librarian