Wednesday, April 2

Well....Thanks, I Guess.

I came home from marketing the other morning and Sarge greets me with:

"I got you a present!!!! Well, actually it's more of a presnt for you that's for me."

You know I don't like Victoria's Secret! I tell him.

"I know that!!" He says. "It's much better! I got baseball tickets!!"

Well. Yay?

"They're for the Nationals, at the new stadium!"

Ok, I'll admit, this does kind of sound like a good time to me. We used to get tickets for an Orioles game about once a year whenever the Red Sox would play in Baltimore. But we have been slacking quite a bit the past two or so years. I know that Sarge probably bought the cheapest seats available, and is bringing me along so that I can keep Piko deGallo entertained, but I'm easily swayed by overpriced hot dogs, lemonade, and cotton candy.

Anyone want to take bets on how many innings we get through before Piko and I end up here?


she said: said...

It's got its own Peanut and Jelly bar for christ sakes! I'm guessing 1 inning. What will I win?

MdG said...

I'll buy you a "W" hat.

SHe actually does not know about the playplace area, so I'm hoping to keep her a bit excited about the game for at least 4 innings.

Gifted Typist said...

So is it a present for you or for Sarge?

MdG said...

I'll let you know after the game.

Pageant Mom said...

Hmmm I like baseball, but not enough to sit for very long. I do like to watch the old men who yell at the referees and act like the referees should actually hear them and take their advice!!

I give you 2 innings.