Friday, April 11

Big Sigh

Well, only 2 more weeks until our house is packed up and loaded on it's way to Germany.

I got the reality check when a friend dropped by yesterday to pick up some of my container gardening items. Librarian, you will be happy to know that the planter "Turkey Dinner" gave to you, and you gave to me, is going on to a new good home. It's funny to look out into my yard and see those bare spots where things used to be. It's also kind of sad because the weather is slowly coaxing my garden back to life. Too bad too, because last year was a transplant year, so much of what I had was very sad during the growing season. This year, I was really hoping that my peony bush would actually bloom. Not to worry though, I'm sure I'll be able to have a great garden in Deutschland.

In other busy deGallo news. Sarge has taken to calling me "The Sewing Hermit". That's pretty much what I'm doing all the time these days. Teachers at the school found out that I'm leaving, so 4 of them put in orders for seat sacks. I had to cut it off after those 4 were done. Uniform orders keep showing up at the door, literally. I opened the door this morning, and a bag of uniforms was there. I told Sarge that they've taken to just leaving them like orphans on our doorstep. I'm trying to bang all of this "work" stuff out so that I have time to finish some personal projects before I lose my BFF for a couple months. Not that I'll be able to use it much over in Germany. Sarge did say that I could buy a 220V machine though. WOO!

In between relocating appointments and sewing, Sarge has managed to convert me over to the dark side of his exercise plan. CrossFit. And while I am always bitching and moaning about exercise, I actually kind of like this program. The exercises are extremely varied from day to day, and some workouts are long, some are short. And hello, yesterday, I deadlifted my body weight. Well, my body weight -10lbs. But that's still pretty good, cause I'm no 98lbs!

And on a creative front, I've made these water bottle holders for the kids in Piko deG's class.

We are going to miss the "Field Day" celebration at the school. So I thought that these might be good for the kids to carry their bottles of water in. That way they can keep their water with them, and they don't get misplaced as easily, or mixed up with each others.

Here is the action shot.

I hope that they use them.

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