Saturday, April 5

Henna Party!

Last night we had a Henna/Movie/Pizza night at our neighbor's house.

Awhile ago my neighbor came back from a trip to Florida. She and one of her daughters had visited an amusement park there where they were doing henna tattoos. They didn't have time to stop for one, but brought a kit home. I was over at their house one day and noticed the kit. I love doing henna!!! The librarian can attest to this. When we were roommates after college the whole Madonna/henna thing hit the mainstream, with her Ray of Light album. I spent some time decorating myself and my roommates. It was some fun.

Anyway, that first henna kit she bought from the amusement park was for crap, and didn't take. So, she went to AC Moore and bought this kit. This kit is awesome! The henna powder is very fine and has no clumps or debris. They provide a great applicator bottle, with an awesome fine tip that makes wonderful lines. There's lots of eucalyptus oil, and the mordant liquid they provide is pre mixed and does not stink at all.

And though the amount seems very small, it was enough to do all of these designs.

Plus, my own left arm, and my feet.
I don't have any "after" pictures yet. but just based on Piko, and my results, it came out very well.
Is it bringing back memories Ms. Librarian?

I forgot to add the funniest moment of the night. A couple of us were in the kitchen applying henna, and the rest of the children (3, 1 of mine, 2 of hers) were in the living room "playing". Suddenly there is crying and yelling. It went something like this.
Kid 1: Waaaaaaa!!!! She broke my wand!!!
Kid 2: I did not!!!
Mom: What happened?
Kid 1: She broke my wand! WAAAAAAAA!!!
Mom: Kid 2, did you break her wand?
Kid 2: Well, yeah....
Mom: Why would you do that?!? I think you should apologize.
Kid 2: Yeah, but...
Kid 1: She broke it!!! She didn't even say sorry!
Mom: Tell her you're sorry!
Kid 2: Yeah, but she was hitting me with the wand, and that's why it broke!!
Mom:................You kids are going to make me crazy!!
Me: (in the kitchen, to myself) Too late.


**FitGirl** said...

Beautiful Henna designs! You have some talent, Lady!!!

You've inspired me to do a Henna Party too! :)

**FitGirl** said...

PS.. where do you buy a kit like that?

MdG said...

She got this kit at AC Moore. Though I think I have seen it at one of those mall jewelry acessories stores like Claire's. If you have a large Indian community in your area, I'm sure that you can find some great Henna.
Make sure that you post some pictures!
I totally recommend this page:
Lots of patterns and resources.

Pageant Mom said...

I remember my mom used to color her hair when I was a kid with Henna and coffee... It would stink up the house so bad my dad would make up any excuse to get himself along with me, OUT.

Looks like fun - Giz would love that!

Anonymous said...

Awwww - total Flashback! The designs are fantastic, but of course, you do have the skillzzzzz.- The Librarian