Thursday, April 24

Moving Jitters? And a Gym Rant

This morning I woke up at 4 freaking 30 AM!! 4:30 folks!! And I couldn't go back to sleep.

The movers are coming today. All that was running through my mind was what items I have to put notes on so that they don't pack them. The last time we were moved, a little piece of baseboard from the kitchen was found lovingly wrapped among our belongings. Granted the movers were Belgian, and probably though we were crazy Americans anyway.

So an early morning post for you all to keep me out of the kitchen. I don't think that Totino's Pizza Rolls at 5:00 AM goes along with Sarge's diet plan.

I'm using Sarge's laptop, which has a whole other set of bookmarks than mine, and I stumbled across this awesome post from Rob the Doorman over at Clublife. This pretty much sums up my whole attitude about people at the gym. Sarge would agree heartily with #1, and #9. I'm more of a #4, and #5.

While I'm not the most athletically gifted person by any stretch of the imagination, I did dance for quite a few years when I was younger. I would like to think that this gave me a pretty decent ability to mimic movement, or at least to see when my body is not doing what I want it to. Many of the exercises we are doing following the CrossFit plan are totally new to me. Clean and Jerk, Split Jerks, and those other Olympic type weightlifting moves. It took me some time to understand the right way to lift my elbows and thrust them under the bar in the same movement, I'm still not great, but I'm better. But I can definitely tell when I'm not doing it right. Sarge and I always talk about the funny we see at the gym, which is sometimes comically considerable. Sarge says that it's because people have a very hard time mimicking movement that they see. But I wonder, there are mirrors in the gym. Everywhere. Maybe they're looking at their awesome pecks, and are distracted. The worst offenders, squats, walking lunges, and dumbbell shoulder presses. Seriously? Squats and lunges are some of the best exercises for overall strength and fitness. If you do them right!!! Also, what's with doing the same exercises every week, and taking the 10 minute recovery rests between sets? Sarge says that this is the result of not altering the workout since High School, or reading. Look, I'm no exercise guru or anything, but let's just say results speak for themselves. I've been doing CrossFit for about a month with Sarge. I have more muscle definition in my arms and legs, and I have increased my strength by about 25%. Try something new at the gym people! That's what the internets are for, not just porn! What worked for you at 17 is not going to do it at 30. Granted I have the best, most patient workout partner ever, so it makes my voyage to the dark side so much easier.

We're not going to the gym for the rest of the week, mostly because of the move, but also because I'm sick. Moving and sick. Awesome. But I did look at the workout for today anyway. Ha-Freaking-HA! I probably would have barfed.


Gifted Typist said...

Good luck with the move. I've done international moves before. I feel your pain.
Plse keep us posted, K?

she said: said...

Can't wait to hear about all the stuff after you get settled in.

I'll be missing you.