Wednesday, April 16

Take Me Out!!

The view the instant you step out of the Metro. The stadium is literally half a block away off of the Navy Yard stop.

This was the view from our seats. Piko was intrigued/obsessed with the big "W" on the grass. Sarge did a pretty good job with our seats. They were waaaaaay up there, but they were still very good. That guy in the blue hat kept blocking my view of home plate though.

Piko was having a great time.

We watched the first three innings complete. Then since we were on the verge of horribly under dressed, it was pretty windy and cold. Piko and I set off in search of some hot chocolate. Wouldn't you know, we walked around the whole freaking stadium, and there was only one vendor who had hot chocolate?!??! It took so long for us to find it that by the time I thought about it, all of the potato knish's were sold out!! BAH! We finally made our way back to our seats for the end of the 6th inning. By the 7th inning stretch Sarge was ready to go, so we made our way down to the main concourse.

Here they are, stopping to view the game from another angle.

Of course we stopped briefly at the "Strike Zone" and let Piko have a go in the bounce house. But we had to be quick to get outside to line up for what was surely the highlight of the day.
Kids run the bases!!!! It was mighty awesome to go out on the field. The Rushmores were at every base cheering the kids on as they ran around.

All and all, Piko gives a day at the Park the thumbs up!


she said: said...

Fantastic pictures! No PB&J? I think I lost the bet. But - it is worth it to see Mini Degallo having so much fun.

Sucks on the blister. We are a pair aren't?

dennis said...

Score!! Great pics!!