Thursday, September 27

Love and Hate deGallo Style.

New Nike Free Mary Jane's. So far no foot stink either, a minor miracle. And you know the fact that they're that bright tangerine color is not that big of a deal. I wear them with everything!
Freaking Dog hair dust bunnies. What the heck man, I just swept, Swiffered, vacuumed, and mopped yesterday! Also, do you like my industrial grade floor tiles and non-painted quarter round "finishing" (extra baseboard?). We're fansssay!

Great finds at the thrift store.
Scarves I'm thinking of making into Haramaki or Belly warmers.
Loads of rick-rack and bias tape. Who knows when this will come in handy.

Cool tools. What are these? Latch hook hooks? I have no idea.

I like the little scissors though, but what's up with the little notch in the end? Anyone?
Sewing uniforms. Though I guess it's a reason to get a new machine, since this Brother is pants at sewing heavy materials. And it's bringing in some spending money I guess. I still hate it though.
Stinky cat food. Cat deGallo had gone on a hunger strike to protest dry cat food. I had to give in and get her this stinky wet stuff (it's so nasty that Dog deGallo won't even touch it. Freaking cats I tell you.
3 Musketeers MINT with Dark Chocolate Minis! Yummy!! Put them in the fridge and enjoy. Need I say more?

Saturday, September 22

Well, Poo.

Magpies are out.
On a side note, Travis Cloke should not sit like that. It gives me people ideas.

Thursday, September 20

Hair's Your Problem Right There!

My hair is driving me absolutely batty!!! I seriously need to get it cut as short as possible while maintaining a reasonably cute look. Is it too much to ask? My hair is currently below shoulder length, and I'm constantly wearing it in a pony tail, or little loop at the back of my neck. It bugs me, it's hot, and the always pulling on my scalp gives me a headache. I want to go very very short and I do adore Victoria Beckham's awesome bob job **Well, had to remove that picture link!! Sorry, I was being a bandwith thief!!** Though I suspect that my face is not slender enough to pull off that style. I suffer from Asian round face, and a pretty square jaw.
To add to my hair issues, I only get my hair cut about twice a year, and a short hair cut is alot of work to keep up, and really, quite a bit of money. Sure Sarge gets his hair cut every two weeks, but it only costs him $10, and that includes a generous tip. I just can't see spending $40-$50 every eight weeks, because my hair grows freakishly fast.
I did find some cute styles to seriously consider, and made an appointment for next week Friday. I'll just have to tell her to cut it as short as she can while still giving me a style that fits my face. This will be my reference sheet for her. I can't wait!!!
As you can see I'm going for the heavy bangs, and wispy sides look. I like to search the Asian sites so that I can find models that have a similar look to me. I'm in no way as skinnykawaii as these girls though.

I'm crossing my fingers that all goes well. It will probably happen like it usually does. I'll be in love with the style for about a week, and then will get lazy about doing it every day, and fall back into my frumpy rut.

I Play Favorites

Here are some of the things that I just can't live without.

1. CamelBak 24 oz bottle. (I know this is a link to the 36 oz.)I have it in green. I absolutely love this drink bottle. My only issues with it are that the replacement bite valves are not readily available at most sports stores, and the replacement pack includes two replacement straws and one valve. And be sure to close the bite valve all the way when you're using it in the gym, because if it falls over, the valve is sure to touch the ground. yeah, yuck. It is also available in 36 and 16 oz sizes.

2. Stevia Packets (I get mine from Trader Joe's). Oh yes, I'm a huge sugar in my coffee kind of gal, think 2 Tbsp, in a 20 oz coffee. I truly believe that this stuff is saving my waistline. Now, I have no proof, but ever since I've been using it in my morning Joe instead of regular cane sugar, I've lost 6 pounds. Granted I've also been eating frequent smaller meals, and have returned to the gym. But STILL!! It tastes great, and NO FUNNY AFTERTASTE!

3. Vichy Normaderm Daily Exfoliating Cleansing Gel. This stuff is truly amazing. How amazing you ask? So amazing that since it is not available locally, I actually have to order it. And I do. I have to thank blogger Jacy for pointing me in it's direction. She truly knows what she is talking about.

4. Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil Gel. Once again pointed in that direction by the lovely Jacy. I'm cancelling my subscription to Marie Claire and making her my style and beauty consultant. Anyhoo, this stuff is wonderful. Sarge started using the bottle of baby oil we have had (since Piko was born) lying around in the bathroom at the end of his shower. It worked pretty well, so when he ran out I thought of Jacy's recommendation and went out and got him the gel. Well, he does not care for it, he prefers the liquid because it's easier to get it on his back, and other hard to reach places. Soooooo, I started using it, and it's great, I don't think that my skin has ever been softer, and no slippery tub floor to worry about.

5. Kellogs Special K Bar. (Well, this is a stupid site, you have to navigate it to get to the page you want.) I'm intensely fond of the Vanilla Crisp, Strawberry is nice as well, but the Chocolatey Drizzle was strangely disappointing. However, with between 7 and 9 grams of sugar and 90 calories they make for a pretty healthy and yummy treat between lunch and dinner.

6. Dove Ultimate Clear Radiant Silk deodorant. This is the one that is supposed to make your underarms smooth. Well, it does, and provides very good perspiration and odor control. I have just started using it, and actually I can see that my armpits are smoother, not that I had armpit issues before, but why not give them a little pampering too.

7. Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit. I'm not one who keeps on top of my brow grooming as I should, I do not maintain by checking and plucking every other day, or even every other week as it turns out. I also have naturally bushy brows and very fine but dark hairs that grow over my entire eyelid, almost to my eyelash line. That used to make for some very unhappy plucking. These are great, no complicated gauze strips or applicators, just cut to size, warm between your hands, apply and rip off! I have never used them on any other body part, but I'm sure they will work quite well.

Best Talk Like a Pirate Day story EVER!!!

Monday, September 17


Oh my aching shoulders!

This week I took on the task of making 96 seat sacks for Piko's school. What the heck is a seat sack you ask? Well, Piko's kindgerarten teacher, and the teachers of the two other classes will be using them in lieu of the traditional cubby. I guess this is to keep the kids in their seats and give them more storage. Huh. Ok.

Well, originally the PTA had someone who was going to take care of sewing these. But as you can imagine it fell through when she found out how many she was going to have to make.

Being the glutton for punishment that I am I of course volunteered my time and my fabric stash. 5 days later...


This is what it looks like on one of the classroom chairs. Yes I actually brought one of the chairs home with me.

And, the action shot

Did this project deplete my fabric stash?

Eeeeh, not so much.

It should be noted that I saved the school/PTA bout $1000.00. I've looked online and these go for about $250.00 per set of 20. YOWZA!! So maybe the deGallo family did not fully fund the school through crappytotally awesome fundraising (Piko's final count, 38 items), but I think Piko still deserves to have her Hummer Limo lunch!

Wednesday, September 12

Where Superheros Go To Retire

Grifter A.K.A. Cole Cash. You were HARD CORE!

Ok, so maybe you were a less hairy, strawberry blond, Wolverine with guns.
Worked for a super secret government special ops squad.
Was experimented on by controllers of said super secret government squad.
Hair trigger, barely controlled psychotic rage.
Special "healing" powers that allow you to recover from...oh...crushed legs?

Still, it's so sad to see how far you've slipped.

Handing out Mardi Gras beads with a Kitty that has no mouth.

Monday, September 10

Go Pies!

Hoo-ray!! They beat out the Sydney Swans this weekend (they call this match up Kidney Pie. Sydney=Kidney, Magpies=Pie)in the semi's, but are up against the hard to beat West Coast Eagles, last years cup holders.

Here's hoping for a Pie's Army comeback in 2007!

WTFBBQ!!! Why can't I post a video?! Ok, never mind, fixed.

And I have to add that as I'm sitting here posting this I'm drenched in perspiration because Sarge SOMEONE turned off the air conditioner, and I just chugged my 24 oz coffee. Yes my friends it's 12:30 and I have just has my coffee, I have the most massive caffeine withdrawl headache, and I'm sitting in a pool of my own sweat. That's how I know it's Monday..

Sunday, September 9

Corners Of My Home, Organization, and W.I.P.

Wow, what a busy weekend. Cleaned, cleaned, organized, and then cleaned some more.

Piko was busy as well, she played outside for most of the day, got a full bucket of sand dumped on her head, got caught in a lie, got grounded, and missed her sleepover party.

But lots of things got done prior to the cryfest.

Friday afternoon we made these great flowers for Piko's room. We got the idea and instructions from Martha Stewart.
Say what you will about Martha the person, but Martha the Empire has many fun, and easy projects that you can do with stuff you have lying around your home.

Saturday I finally got around to organizing Piko's school area. Things have been piling up on this area we designated for all of her school and activities. But it's finally put together nicely.
I picked up the idea to cover fruit and vegetable cans somewhere on the 'net, I just can't remember where. If I can find the site again, I'll make sure to link it here. It's just some colorful felt, buttons, and a glue gun. I also cut out a circle of quilting batting and felt to put into the bottom of the can so that the tips of whatever you're storing (pencils, scissors, exacto knives)have a little extra cushion.

The storage closet got caught up in the frenzy as well. Wrapping supplies are all now organized and labeled for easy access. Surely even Sarge will be able to find what he needs on the rare occasion that he wraps a gift. Cleaning things are set up nicely for quick access.

And in the midst of all this we had to deal with many a knock on the front door from Piko's neighborhood friends. And much freaking out by Dog de Gallo. She never learns. Neither do we I guess. We've been living here for about 3 months now, Sarge has been on nights the whole time, and only yesterday did I think to put up this sign on the door.

Yes, some of the kids are older and can read. I also explained to them what it meant, and why they can't knock on the door.

And some of my work in progress stuff.
A cross stitch I'm working on for the husband of one of my best friends.

And a school themed tissue box cover from The Crafter's Companion. The first one I made was too big, and this second one here is lopsided. I think that I have to use more care when cutting and joining the pieces, and possibly add some interfacing to make it stiffer.

I hope all my weekends are not destined to be this busy.

Edited to add: I went into Piko's room to put some laundry away and noticed that she has reorganized her vanity/desk area. I guess it's catching on, maybe she will keep it this neat. Yeah right.

Should I be Worried??

So as you all know, Piko has started Kindergarten this year.

This past week I have been volunteering at the school about an hour a day in the classroom. Helping the teacher serve the student's their snacks, and get their homework folders checked and distributed. She has 31 freaking kids in her class, I figure that she could use a hand, and I'm more than willing to be there. I have to pick up Piko anyway, and it's the reason I didn't get forced to run out and get a job.

Well, Friday there is a note in Piko's folder thanking me for coming in. But that the teacher is changing her teaching method/plan/philosophy and is asking parents not to come in to volunteer during core teaching periods. Huh. We are still welcome to come at lunch/recess time. Oookay.

Now I can see her issue. A parent/adult/anyone coming into the classroom is somewhat disruptive, and the kids get a little rowdy and distracted. I totally get that, no problem I'll just come at lunch time.

Then I talk with my neighbor who also volunteers in the classroom. She got the note too, and she thinks it's weird. What teacher with 31 kindergarten students (and no aide by the way), does not want all the help she can get? I give her my opinion about being a distraction, and she somewhat agreed, but then spills this gem.

"The only time I have ever had a teacher refuse volunteers was when we were at another school, and things were going on in the classroom that they didn't want the parents to know about."


Yeah, thanks for planting that little seed in my head. Piko seems to really like her teacher, and I guess I just have to trust that if something is going on she'll tell me about it.

But, should I be worried?
And things end up well for Scott Baio.

Or as well as can be expected. It looks like they're doing a second season of his show.

Thursday, September 6

Oh Hells the Soccer!!

I now know why our team was the one without a coach.

Somehow we managed to have a team consisting of:

1. The homeschooled speed talker. She does not shut up! AND she knows everything there ever was to know about soccer.

2. The uber-strong 1st grader with listening issues. This kid's favorite part of practice is hanging from the goal and kicking the ball at Sarge's head. He has now made all of the other kids very interested in being goalie because they all want to swing from the goal. Yes, we have management issues, but really how many times can you tell a kid to get off the freaking goal? He actually fell lastnight and got a little hurt, but has that changed his atitude towards the hanging? Not so much.

3. The cry baby. Yeah, that's our kid. "No one will pass to meeeeeee!!!"

4. The snotty kid with "junk" issues. I don't mean that he's stuck up, he's got alot of snot, and is always poking or pulling at himself and pulling his shorts up his crotch. Think 80's Jimmy Conors.

5. "I don't want to mess up my hair girl", who is really very nice, but does not want to run around too much.

And two other kids who are normal and good listeners.
I think that at the next practice I'm telling them that if they hang on that goal not only are they going to have to have a time out, but we are changing our team name from "The Sharks" to "The Monkeys".
Freaking hate coaching.

Tuesday, September 4

I am so weak

I just ordered these shoes.

As I am getting older I'm a bit more concerned about my feet. I figure I'll spend $50.00 on some comfortable supportive shoes to wear, rather than going down to the Payless and saving $25.oo only to find my big toe going numb, and my back aching.

I tried these on once, and they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever put on my feet. Light, supportive, and flexible. And hey, I'm a sucker for Mary Janes. The only problem is that they only had them in this tangerine color. Well, I guess I have to sneak my flair into life somehow.

I also don't feel bad about getting these, because Sarge just ordered a pair of $70.00 socks. That's right. $70.00 SOCKS. What the heck do $70.00 socks look like? Yeah, I thought that they would be woven out of cashmere by albino virgins or something. Ok, so they're not exactly socks either. But still!!