Thursday, September 20

Hair's Your Problem Right There!

My hair is driving me absolutely batty!!! I seriously need to get it cut as short as possible while maintaining a reasonably cute look. Is it too much to ask? My hair is currently below shoulder length, and I'm constantly wearing it in a pony tail, or little loop at the back of my neck. It bugs me, it's hot, and the always pulling on my scalp gives me a headache. I want to go very very short and I do adore Victoria Beckham's awesome bob job **Well, had to remove that picture link!! Sorry, I was being a bandwith thief!!** Though I suspect that my face is not slender enough to pull off that style. I suffer from Asian round face, and a pretty square jaw.
To add to my hair issues, I only get my hair cut about twice a year, and a short hair cut is alot of work to keep up, and really, quite a bit of money. Sure Sarge gets his hair cut every two weeks, but it only costs him $10, and that includes a generous tip. I just can't see spending $40-$50 every eight weeks, because my hair grows freakishly fast.
I did find some cute styles to seriously consider, and made an appointment for next week Friday. I'll just have to tell her to cut it as short as she can while still giving me a style that fits my face. This will be my reference sheet for her. I can't wait!!!
As you can see I'm going for the heavy bangs, and wispy sides look. I like to search the Asian sites so that I can find models that have a similar look to me. I'm in no way as skinnykawaii as these girls though.

I'm crossing my fingers that all goes well. It will probably happen like it usually does. I'll be in love with the style for about a week, and then will get lazy about doing it every day, and fall back into my frumpy rut.


she said: said...

Uggg.. those short hair styles grow out so fast.

I like row 3 the best. Plus you look cute with the wispy bang picture you posted once.

Second choice for me is row 1.

Jacy said...

I like the first one on the second row, and the last one on the second row.

Or are those all the same haircuts in each row and examples of how you can style it differently?

MdG said...

I think that the only ones that are the same are the first three on the third row, different angles of the same cut. I'm just looking at several of these options, and am liking parts of them. Do you suppose it will be too confusing if I take it into the salon?

I'm leaning towards top right, and bottom right.

I showed Sarge these pictures, and he says "Aren't they all the same girl?", and so setting off our usual "YOU THINK ALL OF US ASIANS LOOK THE SAME DON'T YOU?!?!?!" Faux-argument.

MdG said...
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Jacy said...

If they were all blue-eyed blondes I'd probably have the same trouble. Can anyone tell apart some of those The Hills girls?

I love both those haircuts you like. Go for it!

MdG said...

There's more than one girl on that show?

The argument is one of the number of many that we have.
Me: I'm going running today. I'm tired of being fat.
Him: Oh, but you're a sexy fat.
Me: You just called me FAT!!!!
Him: I called you sexy.

Me: Since you chose the movie last time, I'm picking this time.
Him: Well, why don't we just do everything YOOOOUU want to do.

And, along the lines of the "all Asian's look the same" thing, he does this thing when he introduces me.
"This is my wife Mrs. deGallo, don't make her mad, she's Asian, so she knows Karate."
Admittedly this one drives me a bit crazy.

Jacy said...

That's funny. And he thinks you're sexy no matter what! And that is sweet.

Those girls are all gorgeous, by the way, and the more I look at their photos the more I think I might want a short haircut.

JustaGirl said...

Love the hair cut choices! Hope you got what you wanted!