Thursday, September 27

Love and Hate deGallo Style.

New Nike Free Mary Jane's. So far no foot stink either, a minor miracle. And you know the fact that they're that bright tangerine color is not that big of a deal. I wear them with everything!
Freaking Dog hair dust bunnies. What the heck man, I just swept, Swiffered, vacuumed, and mopped yesterday! Also, do you like my industrial grade floor tiles and non-painted quarter round "finishing" (extra baseboard?). We're fansssay!

Great finds at the thrift store.
Scarves I'm thinking of making into Haramaki or Belly warmers.
Loads of rick-rack and bias tape. Who knows when this will come in handy.

Cool tools. What are these? Latch hook hooks? I have no idea.

I like the little scissors though, but what's up with the little notch in the end? Anyone?
Sewing uniforms. Though I guess it's a reason to get a new machine, since this Brother is pants at sewing heavy materials. And it's bringing in some spending money I guess. I still hate it though.
Stinky cat food. Cat deGallo had gone on a hunger strike to protest dry cat food. I had to give in and get her this stinky wet stuff (it's so nasty that Dog deGallo won't even touch it. Freaking cats I tell you.
3 Musketeers MINT with Dark Chocolate Minis! Yummy!! Put them in the fridge and enjoy. Need I say more?


Tanya Espanya said...

Loving your shoes!

Tangerine is a neutral since you're usually not wearing head to toe in that colour.

I bought a green purse in Buffalo the other day and it's a neutral. I'll post a pic later. I'm supposed to be packing right now as we're leaving for the airport in about 2 hours.

I'm still in my pajamas, did I mention I still haven't packed?, and I want to visit with my niece before we go.

Can I do it all? Argle!

Want anything from Calgary? Should I be looking for special fabric for you?

MdG said...

I'm going with "accent color". Yeah, that's it.

Have fun in Calgary! And no you don't have to look for fabric for me, but if you see something you fall in love with, buy a yard or two and I'll make you something.

she said: said...

Oooh! That cat has you whooped. You are definitely her bitch now she's getting fancy wet food.

My guess on the mystery tools are they have something to do with carpet. Or big rugs.

I haven't seen you complain at all about the computer, so you must be happy. -?-

Orangesun said...

Hey, found your site from fitgirl, i think i have solved your mystery tools. Big brown handles are for leather. To sew. My dad has them from back in the day. The one second from the right, is there a hole in the steel; that's where the thread goes. I will try to post a pic of my purse so you could see my Dad's handwork.

As for the notch in the end that's for one of your other fingers to guide. My mom's hairscissors are like this. As for the curved scissors i remember seeing those in any manicure sets i have. (cutting finger nails or toenails)

MdG said...

Mrs. S: Yes, I'm liking the new computer. I hate having to get to know new software and stuff though, that part pisses me off.
And yes, that cat totally owns me. Big time. We found out that she is a Snowshoe, which I guess is supposed to be pretty rare. Huh. Who knew.

Orangesun: Hey! Thanks for that info. I was thinking that the kinfe sort of thing was some kind of burnishing/marking tool, but had no idea about the others. I did kind of figure that the longer scissors was a pair for hair. If you look closely at the curved scissors though, there is a little notch on the end of the bottom blade, do you think these really are manicure ones? I guess I just have to try them out to see how they cut.

Pageant Mom said...

Oh WOW I didn't know they made those 3Musketeers in dark chocolate and mint!!!.... sorry, will read rest of your blog soon...must...go...find....

(...back as soon as I return from grocery store.....)

MdG said...

Woo-hoo for new readers!!!

Jacy said...

So chock full of interesting information today!

LOVE the shoes!

Anonymous said...

The cat will eat whatever is in its bowl when it gets hungry enough. You are heading down a slippery slope!!! And a stinky one, too. Well, at least that is better than stinky feet...

-The Librarian.

Jacy said...

Unless you have a cat with very few teeth. Which I do. So I have to feed him canned.

As well -- canned keeps them slimmer. Not as many carbs. The dry stuff can bulk them up.

MdG said...

You know, she actually didn't eat for about 7 days. It was really worrying me. So I caved and got the stinky wet stuff. Though I'm onto her now, and give her the wet in the morning, and the dry in the evening.

She hawked up a big hairball on Sarge the other morning while he was trying to get to sleep. She just loves him so much.

Jacy said...

Cats and their barfing .... hard to take sometimes, but unlike dogs, at least they don't eat their own dung.

dennis said...

shoes? what shoes?

Verrry nice pic of the candy tho!