Monday, September 17


Oh my aching shoulders!

This week I took on the task of making 96 seat sacks for Piko's school. What the heck is a seat sack you ask? Well, Piko's kindgerarten teacher, and the teachers of the two other classes will be using them in lieu of the traditional cubby. I guess this is to keep the kids in their seats and give them more storage. Huh. Ok.

Well, originally the PTA had someone who was going to take care of sewing these. But as you can imagine it fell through when she found out how many she was going to have to make.

Being the glutton for punishment that I am I of course volunteered my time and my fabric stash. 5 days later...


This is what it looks like on one of the classroom chairs. Yes I actually brought one of the chairs home with me.

And, the action shot

Did this project deplete my fabric stash?

Eeeeh, not so much.

It should be noted that I saved the school/PTA bout $1000.00. I've looked online and these go for about $250.00 per set of 20. YOWZA!! So maybe the deGallo family did not fully fund the school through crappytotally awesome fundraising (Piko's final count, 38 items), but I think Piko still deserves to have her Hummer Limo lunch!


Jacy said...

That is awesome. And I would seriously buy a couple of those from you. I could put one on the back of each of my kids' desk chairs!

You never cease to amaze me. I just bought curtains at IKEA today and they are a foot too long and I have no idea how to shorten them. I don't even know how to tell someone else how to shorten them.

MdG said...

Thanks! And if you seriously want some send me the measurements of your chairs and a picture of them. Let me know what colors and how many pockets you would like. Two more would be no problem!

ANd as for your curtains, you can try this product.
You can find it at any craft store, or Wal-Mart. It used to come standard with the Ikea curtains. You might want to check your package for a strip of it, it looks like stiffer tissue paper. No sewing neecessary, just use your iron. Or my other advice would be to take it to your dry cleaners, they usually have a seamstress on staff that can do hemming like that.

Tanya Espanya said...

Holy smokes! You're on fire, baby!

That is some wicked organizing.

This morning I was at my sister's sister-in-law's house. I'm going to help her organize everything.

She has 4 year old twins and a 1 year old, a dog, a cat, a husband who works until 7pm each night.

I have a deadline of November 21, when I go away on vacation. I should blog about it...Ugh, I'm tired just thinking about it.

Rebecca said...

I am dutifully impressed. My sewing skills are non-existant.

Jacy said...


I will send you measurements and photos by the weekend!

Thanks! YOU ROCK!

MdG said...

Jacy: How are you getting on with those Ikea curtains? Consider the seat sacks all part of my cross cultural trade plan for some of those yummy sounding biscuit/cracker things.

Rebecca: Thanks!!! It sounds like you had a rocking birthday. Did you decide what to do with the microwave?

TanyaE: Your sister's sister-in-law sounds like me, minus the extra children. That should be time enough to get her organized, one room a week! And you should notice that I did not include a shot of the floor, which was covered in scraps and thread. Hi-yi-yi!