Wednesday, August 29

So I lied.

Well, ok, I lied a little bit. There is something that is pissing me off about Piko's school.

"Mr. Money"

Who is Mr. Money? you ask. Well, Mr. Money brings toys and prizes to kids in Piko's school. Piko was VERY excited to meet Mr. Money and he showed them a fancy light up set, a remote control blimp, a giant inflatable puffer ball, and a Wii!! You can have them all!!! he said.



That's right my friends. Fundraising.

I understand that the school Piko attends is in a very depressed and low-income neighborhood, and I'm happy to help however I can. But I thought that this was really quite underhanded. Lead these little kids, into a room with all these flashy toys and gizmo's, tell them that they can have them, and leave it up to the parents to disappoint them because they can only sell 4 or 5 things. That's just mean.

Sarge and I have decided that we will spend $100 on wrapping paper and chocolate to support the cause. But like several other family members and friends who I have spoken to about this, I'm wondering why I just can't give a check for $100 directly to the school. AND have it count towards Piko's item count. Nope, instead, I have to pay $100 for stuff I don't really want, and the school will only get about $60 of that.

So far she has 13 items towards that 150 goal, and 10 of those items we bought ourselves. BAH!

Oh yeah, and if you sell 50 items, you get to go have a pizza lunch in a Hummer Limo! Huh, go figure.


Lori said...

That's really low at a preschool. It always amazes me how much companies have managed to infiltrate schools, all because funding has become one of those things of the past...

MdG said...

Hey Lori! Actually Piko is in kindergaren at a public school located in **a recent ex-President's name**. Yeah.

I also think it's a sad state of affairs that they have to rely on fundraising for school basics. I remember doing fundraising when I was in elementary, but it was for a special camping field trip in the 3rd grade. And actually any time we did fundraising it was for a trip, or for a sports team.

So sad.

PS. I went to El Grande! and there is a BALE sandwich shop in the shopping center!! I love BALE!! We were not prepared enough for the shopping adventure though. I forgot to bring my cooler, so we could not buy the Tobiko that Piko wanted, and the mochi and other stinky goodness that I wanted. It was flaming hot that day, so I didn't want to chance it. We will just have to go back!

she said: said...

Personally, I think the Hummer sends a weird message for a kid that age. Shouldn't they be thinking about ponies or something?

I mean.. they only have about two years until they are thinking about wearing thongs.. so why not ditch the Hummer until then?

I would save the hundred bucks and do a profit matching with Piko. A couple of months ago, some kids set up a lemonade stand, and people were so overcome by the cuteness they were throwing money at the kids.

Wait.. maybe that doesn't send a good message either.