Wednesday, August 29

Garden Envy

My dad had the most awesome landscaping at his house. I guess it's the result of him being a Landscape Architect by trade. It still makes me jealous. Add to the fact that he has plants growing that I covet, and will never have, since they have no chance of surviving here in Zone 8! The thing is that these are the kinds of plants I grew up around, so when I think of a garden I think of these.

This is the courtyard between the main house and the garage. It's so lush and green, and every room that faces it has huge sliding glass doors, so when you wake up this is the first thing that you see.

Again, those mutant mangoes that he is growing, and I guess he is going to keep the tree small like this to make the fruit easy to pick. My mom makes some of the best pickled mango and mango chutney. Yum.

Piko doing her best Bear Grylls impersonation with the help of Sarge. Though after trying the water and flesh of this one, she has decided that she will not be able to survive a week on coconuts alone.

Orchids, orchids everywhere.

And huge wonderful jade green Agave scattered all over his property, planted in and around great contrasting volcanic stone. This has got to be one of my most favorite plants of all time.

What I love is the garden, what I wouldn't love would be the upkeep. Dad loves it though, you gotta envy a person who loves their job that much.


Lori said...

These are gorgeous pictures!! My mom would be beside herself - that's just the kind of garden she lusts after, and it just ain't gonna happen here.

We're supposed to be headed for HI (Kona) next March, assuming things go okay with 2.0; my parents go every year and take a kid+family, and next year is our turn. Any recommendations for good eating??

MdG said...

Yay Kona!
I would have to say that the eating out is *meh* on kona. There area a couple of good places, and one place that does the "upscale plate lunch". I can't remember exactly. I'll call my mom then e-mail the info to you.
I do have to say though that the best shave ice is at the little shack next to the Longs Drugs in Kailua. Yummy! Don't go to the gelatto place, unless of course you're getting gelatto.

That's nice that you are going out there. Where do you all stay, do you know? We flew US Airways direct into Kona, but I would not recommend them. SMALL planes, and they do not prebook seats. For our return trip we were originally booked for 5A, 5E, and 6A. Um, who does that to people traveling with a 5 YEAR OLD?!?!?

Lori said...

Thanks for the info - if your mom has any suggestions, I'd love them!

They rent a condo every year (I couldn't tell you really where it is, having never been, but they say it's about 1/4 mile from downtown?).

My sister and BIL did US Airways last year and did okay, but their kids are older. I'm not sure what to do yet; assuming everything goes okay, we'll have a two-year old, an infant, and a disabled husband...I'd pay money if Southwest would fly there, since M. gets the earliest preboard and we can usually grab the bulkhead seats.

she said: said...

Really fantastic photo's! Love the black ground cover.

PS. Lots of airlines are not prebooking seats, andit is super annoying.

Jacy said...

SO beautiful!