Monday, August 27

Nothing to see here...

Seriously nothing.

Well, I did lose 2 lbs of my summer blubber. Sarge has a new "Whip Big Mama Into Shape" program all plotted out. Including, much to my dismay a day of Plyometrics. EGADS!!

School is going well for Piko, so no complaints there.

Oh, well, soccer practice begins tonight. I'm sure it will be chock-a-block full of LULZ. Or not.


she said: said...

Is... he.. high?


Why not just have M. Sarge take a mallet to his knees and get the whole thing over?

Oh wait... we can build him bigger, stronger...

MdG said...

I actually like the idea of plyometrics. It's kind of cool. But HOLY CRAP!! it kicks your ass!!

Sarge's knees are already pretty shot as it is. I think that he does some plyo himself, but usually ouside on a field where it's softer. Besides, he's already in great shape, so he does not need it as badly.

MdG said...
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