Sunday, August 5


Well, we're not home yet, but I thought that I would amuse you all a little with some of the funny things that Piko has said on this vacation.

Piko and Sarge were lying in bed one morning and I came in to see what they were doing. As I was climbing onto the bed she says "Make way for BIG MAMA!". Ok, so maybe she's being sassy by calling me fat, but it was still funny. Then later while I was getting dressed to have dinner with some of my friends, I say to her, "I'm feeling a bit 'Big Mama' today". She looks at me and says "See. I told you!"


And maybe this should fall under the category of bad parenting, but it was still funny. Piko and I were driving home from ice skating with my friends AJ, and Aunty Red (yep, there's an ice rink in Hawaii), and we were coming down the Likelike (Leekay-leekay) highway, which is very steep (it's coming off the mountain). And we saw a guy on a bicycle shoot past us. Look at that! I say, a guy on a bike on the highway! Piko looks at him and says "Is he high?" I forsee an increase in Sarge's random drug tests in the future.


Jacy said...

Imagine what the in-laws would think!

dennis said...

ahhh, the things the imps hear, remember and repeat...