Friday, August 17

Home at last!

Finally, home at last. I know, cry me a river, but who knew that a three week vacation in Hawaii could be too much.

We're tanner, actaully Sarge is "not white", fatter, well, I'm fatter, and ready for school to start.

Tanner (not white) because Piko wanted to go to the beach every day. So this was our view for about 75% of our vacation.

Piko turned out to be a swimming champ, she even learned how to use a snorkel.

Fatter, well, I'm fatter, because Sarge is a sadists and went exercising every other day. Boo-hoo for him, he gained 4 lbs, he weighed himself on the scale at the airport check in counter. I refused, because I am "Big Mama" indeed! This is the reason why.

This was my lunch one day from Aloha Poi Bowl at the Ala Moana food court. The Laulau and Kalua Pork plate lunch, with mac salad and two scoops rice.

This is my lunch 20 minutes later. It hardly looks like I had eaten anything. I had to take that big boy home and have it for breakfast a couple of times.

Genki Sushi in Kaneohe with my brother did not help either. Who can resist sushi flying at you on a conveyor belt?

Shave Ice! Only about 8 times. Sarge and I are boring and have settled on Strawberry with a scoop of ice cream as our go to flavor. And no we did not share.

And finally, grandpa's mutant fruit.

So this looks like a normal mango right?

Well, given the right scale, you can see that it's as big as Piko's head! And that's a small one. Grandpa would bring home buckets of these.

Yes, the eating was out of control.

What was not out of control however was "Hurricane" Flossie. This was the view from my parents back yard at 6pm on the night it "hit".

Some island areas got heavy rain and wind, but it did not rain at all where we were.

So now to unpack and refill my fridge.


Jacy said...

Piko is so so so so so so cute. Love her.

And don't beat up on yourself -- vacations are for spoiling yourself, and that includes eating a ton.

MdG said...

Back to the gym tomorrow. Sarge is creating a new list of tortures for me. OUR goal is to get me in a bikini next summer. HAHAHAHHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!