Tuesday, September 4

I am so weak

I just ordered these shoes.

As I am getting older I'm a bit more concerned about my feet. I figure I'll spend $50.00 on some comfortable supportive shoes to wear, rather than going down to the Payless and saving $25.oo only to find my big toe going numb, and my back aching.

I tried these on once, and they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever put on my feet. Light, supportive, and flexible. And hey, I'm a sucker for Mary Janes. The only problem is that they only had them in this tangerine color. Well, I guess I have to sneak my flair into life somehow.

I also don't feel bad about getting these, because Sarge just ordered a pair of $70.00 socks. That's right. $70.00 SOCKS. What the heck do $70.00 socks look like? Yeah, I thought that they would be woven out of cashmere by albino virgins or something. Ok, so they're not exactly socks either. But still!!


she said: said...

Those are crazy yo. I couldn't take them. I don't even like to wear flip flops due to the strap going up the ass crack of my big toe area. Thongs are for butts.. not toes.

MdG said...

They came today, and are strangely comfortable. Regular "toe socks" cost about $13.00 a pair, so I guess he's saving money by buying these toe shoes. He's really into this new running "barefoot" thing. Very strange.

The reason I need the comfortable expensive shoes is that I spent the whole summer walking around in cheap flipity flops.

Jacy said...

Those are extremely cute. If they had them in black, I'd get some. I too fear a lot of colour on my feet.

Tanya Espanya said...

Excellent shoes, and excellent weird massagey sock things.

I would go for pink!

MdG said...

I have seen them at Foot Locker in other colors, and I do believe that one of those colors was black. I chose to buy on line despite the color because they were $20.00 cheaper.