Thursday, September 20

I Play Favorites

Here are some of the things that I just can't live without.

1. CamelBak 24 oz bottle. (I know this is a link to the 36 oz.)I have it in green. I absolutely love this drink bottle. My only issues with it are that the replacement bite valves are not readily available at most sports stores, and the replacement pack includes two replacement straws and one valve. And be sure to close the bite valve all the way when you're using it in the gym, because if it falls over, the valve is sure to touch the ground. yeah, yuck. It is also available in 36 and 16 oz sizes.

2. Stevia Packets (I get mine from Trader Joe's). Oh yes, I'm a huge sugar in my coffee kind of gal, think 2 Tbsp, in a 20 oz coffee. I truly believe that this stuff is saving my waistline. Now, I have no proof, but ever since I've been using it in my morning Joe instead of regular cane sugar, I've lost 6 pounds. Granted I've also been eating frequent smaller meals, and have returned to the gym. But STILL!! It tastes great, and NO FUNNY AFTERTASTE!

3. Vichy Normaderm Daily Exfoliating Cleansing Gel. This stuff is truly amazing. How amazing you ask? So amazing that since it is not available locally, I actually have to order it. And I do. I have to thank blogger Jacy for pointing me in it's direction. She truly knows what she is talking about.

4. Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil Gel. Once again pointed in that direction by the lovely Jacy. I'm cancelling my subscription to Marie Claire and making her my style and beauty consultant. Anyhoo, this stuff is wonderful. Sarge started using the bottle of baby oil we have had (since Piko was born) lying around in the bathroom at the end of his shower. It worked pretty well, so when he ran out I thought of Jacy's recommendation and went out and got him the gel. Well, he does not care for it, he prefers the liquid because it's easier to get it on his back, and other hard to reach places. Soooooo, I started using it, and it's great, I don't think that my skin has ever been softer, and no slippery tub floor to worry about.

5. Kellogs Special K Bar. (Well, this is a stupid site, you have to navigate it to get to the page you want.) I'm intensely fond of the Vanilla Crisp, Strawberry is nice as well, but the Chocolatey Drizzle was strangely disappointing. However, with between 7 and 9 grams of sugar and 90 calories they make for a pretty healthy and yummy treat between lunch and dinner.

6. Dove Ultimate Clear Radiant Silk deodorant. This is the one that is supposed to make your underarms smooth. Well, it does, and provides very good perspiration and odor control. I have just started using it, and actually I can see that my armpits are smoother, not that I had armpit issues before, but why not give them a little pampering too.

7. Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit. I'm not one who keeps on top of my brow grooming as I should, I do not maintain by checking and plucking every other day, or even every other week as it turns out. I also have naturally bushy brows and very fine but dark hairs that grow over my entire eyelid, almost to my eyelash line. That used to make for some very unhappy plucking. These are great, no complicated gauze strips or applicators, just cut to size, warm between your hands, apply and rip off! I have never used them on any other body part, but I'm sure they will work quite well.


dennis said...

I'm finding I cannot live without my coffee maker...a pot of hot java in the a.m. makes everything else seem blissful

MdG said...

Ah yes, how could I have forgotten my best friend the coffee maker!!

Jacy said...

wow! i am so flattered!