Sunday, September 9

Corners Of My Home, Organization, and W.I.P.

Wow, what a busy weekend. Cleaned, cleaned, organized, and then cleaned some more.

Piko was busy as well, she played outside for most of the day, got a full bucket of sand dumped on her head, got caught in a lie, got grounded, and missed her sleepover party.

But lots of things got done prior to the cryfest.

Friday afternoon we made these great flowers for Piko's room. We got the idea and instructions from Martha Stewart.
Say what you will about Martha the person, but Martha the Empire has many fun, and easy projects that you can do with stuff you have lying around your home.

Saturday I finally got around to organizing Piko's school area. Things have been piling up on this area we designated for all of her school and activities. But it's finally put together nicely.
I picked up the idea to cover fruit and vegetable cans somewhere on the 'net, I just can't remember where. If I can find the site again, I'll make sure to link it here. It's just some colorful felt, buttons, and a glue gun. I also cut out a circle of quilting batting and felt to put into the bottom of the can so that the tips of whatever you're storing (pencils, scissors, exacto knives)have a little extra cushion.

The storage closet got caught up in the frenzy as well. Wrapping supplies are all now organized and labeled for easy access. Surely even Sarge will be able to find what he needs on the rare occasion that he wraps a gift. Cleaning things are set up nicely for quick access.

And in the midst of all this we had to deal with many a knock on the front door from Piko's neighborhood friends. And much freaking out by Dog de Gallo. She never learns. Neither do we I guess. We've been living here for about 3 months now, Sarge has been on nights the whole time, and only yesterday did I think to put up this sign on the door.

Yes, some of the kids are older and can read. I also explained to them what it meant, and why they can't knock on the door.

And some of my work in progress stuff.
A cross stitch I'm working on for the husband of one of my best friends.

And a school themed tissue box cover from The Crafter's Companion. The first one I made was too big, and this second one here is lopsided. I think that I have to use more care when cutting and joining the pieces, and possibly add some interfacing to make it stiffer.

I hope all my weekends are not destined to be this busy.

Edited to add: I went into Piko's room to put some laundry away and noticed that she has reorganized her vanity/desk area. I guess it's catching on, maybe she will keep it this neat. Yeah right.


Tanya Espanya said...

I am weak with admiration for your mad skilz at organizing. You're on fire baby!

I also love to organize stuff, although I find it easier to work on other people's spaces.

Hey, did you get my email about the strikethrough?

MdG said...

Yes I did! Thank you,I LOVE IT!!! And I must use it often.

Jacy said...

Tanya and/or MDG, I would pay you to come and organize my house. Outwardly all is pretty neat and tidy, but open a drawer or cupboard ... disaster. I just need someone to do it for me, and make it attractive and functional.


MdG said...

Oh trust me, it does not stay this way. It's a weekly battle to keep the messes from piling up.
Though, I have never been to Canada. Oh wait, I've been across the Canada, Lubec, Maine border to eat some yummy seafood.

Jacy said...

Well you have lots of friends up here now so you can visit.