Saturday, May 17

Good Girl!

I know I complain alot about Dog DeGallo. Or well, I complain about her alot to people I know IRL.

But she really is a great dog. Hello, she puts up with my occasionally dressing her up in Piko deGallo's tutus, and stuff like this:

I was a bit worried about her in all of the hotels and temporary housing we were going to be spending time in during the move, but she just makes herself right at home.

I'm making it official and putting out there on the internets.

I love my dog, farts, dandruff, snoring, bad breath and all


she said: said...

Awww... you looove her.

I'm glad they let you bring your pets. Well - singular. You never said what happened to the cat. Nice neighborhood in the burbs?

I think I'm wacky about the pets -but my SIL flew her dog to Tunisia from the states. And back.

Now the bigger question. Is she finally going to adopt that German bark? She does look like some Shepard mix.

MdG said...

I was ready to recconsider my love for her last night. She had some crazy awful gas!!! And she always sleeps on my side of the bed (on the floor of course). All night long with the silent but deadly attacks! GAH!

We found a home for the cat, whew! One of Piko's friends took it, around Feb., so I was very relieved.

Dog was the best traveler out of all of us. We gave her half a Dramamine just before putting her on the plane, and she was fine. We could hear the other dogs whining and crying from the other end of the terminal. Dog was just chilling. She'll be pretty old when we head back to the states, about 11 or 12, so I'm kind of worried about that. We'll see I guess.

she said: said...

FYI- my ISP all of a sudden decided to ban me from sending email to you. Unless I'm getting ghost errors. (fingers crossed)

I'll figure it out tomorrow.