Wednesday, January 16

Funny or Sad.

This is a picture of the number pad on our TV's remote control. Yeah, yeah, the numbers are almost completely worn off. You can still kind of see the 2, 3, and 6, but that's it.
I can't decide if it's funny, or just sad that I have proof we watch too much TV.


Pageant Mom said...

Yep. too much tv.


You are really good about keeping your equipment up so it lasts for years.

We have a blender like that. No lie, it's an old Sunbeam that was a wedding gift to my parents 43 years ago. And no other blender works as well! (I'm pretty sure it has the equivalent of a lawn mower engine in it though!)

gifted typist said...

Reminds me of the hand held bank card machines in busy stores that are so overused the numbers are gone and if you happen to forget the whereabouts of your numbers, you're out of luck

MdG said...

I suppose I should mention that we've had this particular remote for at least 4 years.

But yes, we do watch too much TV.

Jane Austen Jr. said...

I'm actually amazed! Maybe latex gloves while channel surfing would help?