Saturday, January 5

The Week in WIP

Many, many projects going on this week. Mostly Piko related. Usually after her Halloween costume is done she gets no more projects until after Christmas.

My very first clothing item actually made from a commercial pattern. This is going to be a little shrug jacket, and I'm going to make her a matching one for her favorite stuffed animal.

This one if for me. I think that I have been saying that I am going to make a quilt for my own bed for about a year and a half now. This one is going to end up on my bed eventually. The stitching is very slow going.

A pair (or more as it seems) of Cecily Beanies, for Piko and the Librarian, so that they can be beanie buddies while she's here for a visit.
Another project for Piko. Refurbish these thrifted infant clothes into clothes for her stuffed animals. You may remember my anti-BuildABear-ness. Well, I have discovered that those animals fit well into 0-3 mo. infant clothing. Just a snip to the seat of the pants for a tail hole, shorten the sleeves or straps on a cute shirt, and a perfect fit.

There were some completed projects this week too. Kiki got a new custom gown.

We took down the Christmas decorations! Huzza! And reduced our decoration cache by two huge boxes. Though the candy cane tree is still up. Piko needs to eat those candy canes.

79 squares were completed for my 2nd "MY" quilt of the year, based off of my pattern for The Librarian's quilt.

And, more fabric came in for future late birthday gifts.

Did I mention that The Librarian is visiting?!?! We are so happy. I had to sit Piko down and get her to understand that she is going to have to share her.


JustaGirl said...

You keep so busy, it amazes me!
I think Piko's doll's clothing is so cute! She's so lucky to have such a creative mom!

PS... why is the Librarian so special?

MdG said...

The Librarian is just the coolest. She was my college roomate, and she moved out to the East Coast after Piko was born. So she is Piko's closest "Aunty".

Anonymous said...

the daily observation of a vajayjay