Sunday, January 13

The Aunties are here!! THE AUNTES ARE HERE!!!

This was Piko de G's rally cry last week.

As I had mentioned, The Librarian came for a long awaited visit to deGallo Land. We truly were spoiled when she lived in Richmond and would come up to visit us at least twice a month. It was a sad, sad day when she moved away.

Anyhoo, Piko deG was elated when Aunty Librarian came. Not only had she not seen her for almost a year, but Aunty Librarian was taking her to Hell on earth Build A Bear, for a belated Christmas gift!!!! Or, as Piko told everyone she knew "MY Aunty Librarian was too busy to go shopping for Christmas, so she is taking me to Build A BEAR!!!!!!!"

Oh the bliss to be in her favorite store in the world, with her favorite person in the world!!! This was The Librarian's first visit for full blown picking and stuffing at BaB. All I told her was take a deep breath and bring your credit card.

And as you can see that my shrug jacket thing came out quite well. She must like it because she wore it all week.

It was a good time. We were smart about it and went at about 1:30 on a Monday afternoon. I think that we were the only people in there. I know I go on and on about how much I hate this store, but actually it's quite fun when the place is empty. I've also dug myself a bit of a hole, because we're actually going back. Yeah, yeah, but Piko deG raised all of her grades significantly this quarter at school, and as a reward I'm taking her to buy a new doll outfit, complete with shoes, which on a normal day I refuse to buy.. I'm such a sucker!

I did say AuntieS right?

Well, my other good friend Red the Air Hostess happened to fly into DC for a meeting the same week that The Librarian was here. I was a bad mom and pulled Piko de G from school (with much guilt and hand wringing on my part, I was actually accused of being a Drama Queen about the whole thing) for another day so that we could all go to lunch.

Here is the happy bunch taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather, walking in DC on our way to Zaytinya for lunch. The best Hummus EVER!! I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone. Seriously yummy!

Again with the leopard print shrug I made.

What a great week for Piko deG.

And on a geeky personal note, the Jane Austen Masterpiece Theatre three-month tribute starts tonight! Whee!


Jacy said...

Is that you with the long hair? What happened to the short haircut?

You didn't get extensions, did you Britn .... errrrr ... I mean Mama DeGallo?

MdG said...

Nerh. From L-R, that's Red, Piko, The Librarian. I know, I know, we don't call her Red because she has red hair. We call her that because the thing Piko always remembers about her is that she wears really red lipstick. And looks fabulous in it naturally.

JustaGirl said...

Such a nice week! For you Piko, Red and the Librarian!

I think I'm going to have to take my niece to "Build a Bear" too! Sounds like a little girl's dream!!!

she said: said...

Made me smile.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, that was a perfect weekend for me. Good food, some excellent snuggling with the Love Bug (my own name for PdeG) and laughing with YOU in a way that few people could ever get. Thanks for the fun! xoxo, The Librarian

Pageant Mom said...

My daughter will do ANYTHING to get to a Build a Bear store! Talk about yer kiddie crack LOL
We have 9 so far... plus a stroller, dog house, food bowl, and bed.

I am such a sucker.

But dang it, she's so cute when she gets all excited there.

(Bad Mommy. I know.)