Wednesday, January 30

My New Love

Oh yum, how I love thee.
I buy the plain, I didn't see the ones with the fruit in them at Whole Foods(aaaaaAAAAAHHHH!!! Sound of angels singing). And, I got it in regular, though I think that the next time I'll get the 2%. Or, maybe the 5%, since the 2% has less calories and fat, but more sugar. Oh who knows!! I was just so excited to find it! Had it last night with a bowl of mixed berries, had it this morning with a cut up nectarine. Yum, yum, YUM!!!

Seriously, how can a large grocery chain like Safeway not carry this?!?! I know that this brand has been in all the women's health and style magazines, as the "NEXT GREAT THING!!!!!"

Sidebar: So, the whole Bifidus Regularis , and L. casei Immunitas in yogurt thing. That's in all yogurts right? Not just the ones that are advertised and pushed as such, like Yo+ and DanActive. Because I would rather eat huge tubs of Fage, with it's low sugar content, than a small tub of another brand with high fructose corn syrup as it's second ingredient. Well, I would rather just eat Fage all the time anyway.

And, as much as I love Whole Foods and Trader Joe's, I'm really not up to driving over there every other week to get my fix. Because you know eventually I'll cave to Sarge and bring home a $20.00 Ostrich egg.


dennis said...

Osterich egg? You realize that for 20 bucks you can by almost 10 dozen chicken eggs?

Pageant Mom said...

Is yogurt in donuts...?

MdG said...

Yeah, I wish! Though this stuff is so creamy, you can almost forget thtat it's yogurt. About halfway through the bowl I feel like I'm eating fresh whipped cream. I definetly need to get the 5% next time, this one is too rich. I looked at the serving info, and one tub is 2 servings!! There is no way.

I have to make some falafel, and eat it with those. I be that will be yummy!

Rebecca said...

I never tried it, but I am going to have to now. I like yogurt, so....I will have to start searching for Fage. I never even heard of it until now.