Sunday, January 27

File it Under "Need a Life"

Sarge and I were watching Live Free or Die Hard a couple of weeks ago. This is the conversation we had.

Sarge: Who's that bad guy? He looks really familiar.
Me: I don't know. He kind of looks like Ryan Secrest.
Sarge: That's not Ryan Secrest. That American Idol guy right?
Me: I know that's not him. It just really looks like him.
Sarge: Ryan Secrest is not an actor.
Sarge: **Dorking it out looks it up on his laptop**
Me: I know that guy is The Mac, and that other computer guy is Kevin Smith.
Sarge: Timothy Olyphant!! Oh! It's Bullock!
Me: What?!? Really? I guess I don't recognize him unless he's seething with barely repressed rage. Totally not sexy without the moustache and rage.
Sarge: What's that?
Me: Totally looks like Ryan Secrest.

What the heck am I on about? See for yourself.

Ryan Secrest

Timothy Olyphant

Timothy Olyphant as Seth Bullock. Broody and HOT!

I'm only seemingly obsessed with this because I watch too much TV, and that sorta crappy Jennifer Garner movie "Catch and Release" is on heavy rotation. I keep catching glimpses of the guy.

I need to get out more.


Rebecca said...

Well, actually, now that you have pointed it out, Ryan and Tim DO look like brothers. Never noticed that before.

MdG said...

I'm a bit obsessed with finding celebrity "twins", or celebrity "love children".

For example.
Author James Frey + Actor Ron Pearlman = Love child Ryan Reynolds.

Actor Raoul Bova + Actor/Director Liev Schreiber = Love child adventurer Bear Gryls

It alwayse seems funnier somehow when it's men.

Pageant Mom said...

Now that you point it out, they DO look related. Uncanny LOL!!

My husband looks like he could be an older less "pretty" version of Johnny Depp...

MdG said...

Serious PM?!? You lucky, lucky lady. Not that Sarge isn't anthing to spit at. He has no celebri-twin though.