Saturday, January 26


A couple of annoyances from this week.

Mother loving freaking school FUNDRAISERS!!! That's right, this is the second fundraiser for Piko deGallo's school this year! This time it's Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough, which I understand to be quite excellent. Well the incentive this time is to sell 10 tubs of dough (at $14.00 a tub) and come to "MR. MONEY'S MEGA PARTY!!"
And again, they had the fricken assembly where they get the kids all pumped up about the cool crap they can "win" if their parents love them enough to buy $140.00 worth of cookies. Not happening in the deGallo household this time I tell you. I guess I just don't love my daughter enough.

Gym dudes. Enough OK. Stop freaking staring at me while I'm explaining to my friend how to do something. You're making me think I'm doing it wrong, even though I know I'm not. And if I am doing it wrong, helping me correct her form would go over much better than intensely staring at us. It's just creepy, especially since the exercise we are doing is a stiff leg deadlift. It looks like you're staring at our butts. No love to you.

On a funny note, I have come to realise that even if I loved to exercise I could never be a personal trainer. Well, of course there is all that personal interaction with people, and the fact that I hate to exercise. But also, I'm not that much of a motivator. I'm kind of, whatever you're comfortable with, I'm not going to push you. I got all intense with my workout pal, you know "COME ON!!!! ONE MORE!!! JUST ONE MORE!!!!!" And it just made the both of us laugh. Though, I suppose it would be different if it was actually my job to be that way.

Why, why, why do none of the supermarkets in my area (Safeway, Giant, Shoppers, Commissary) not carry Quinoa, Greek Yogurt, or Halloumi? I have to drive to Virginia to get my yummy healthy goodness. But, I guess it's a good excuse to geek out with excitement at Whole Foods (am I the only person who gets excited about cool supermarkets?).

Also, yay to finding jicama at the local Shoppers, and the most excellent fried chicken. Boooo! to having to drive over to Safeway to get fresh Sage.

Boooo! also to the Safeway check out guy who first refused to NOT give me a bag. I only had the packet of Sage, a bag of carrots, and a bag of cheese. And then proceeded to lecture me on how "This is AMERICA!!! Everyone deserves a bag!!" WTF is that?! AND THEN mangled my maiden name (it prints out on my receipt when I use my Safeway Card), granted, my maiden name contains 4 syllables, 4 vowels, and a Z, and is difficult to pronounce. BUT WAIT! Then he LAUGHED at me when I responded with the correct pronunciation , and said "Well, close enough right?".
No, no sir, I'm afraid not.

EDIT: Let me just add that while I was getting ready to mop my house this morning I dropped my copy of Pride and Prejudice into a bucket of PineSol. GARH!!!!


gifted typist said...

Pride and PineSol. You could be onto yet another Austenian sub-genre.

MdG said...

The "squeeky clean" romance. No hugging, no kissing, no holding hands, just "making love". Which of course had a much tamer meaning back then.

Anonymous said...

How could you forget that I am one of the original supermarket SNOBS!! BTW, don't hate me, but I pass Whole Foods on my way to work every day :-O

-The Librarian

MdG said...

Oh, we went to WF yesterday, I had to talk Sarge out of buying an Ostrich egg. But I did get a couple of tubs of Fage, Greek yougurt. Holy yum!! Had it for dessert on some mixed berries.

Anonymous said...

I know someone else who loves that stuff, too. Maybe I will give it a try. Also yummy but in a different....MOJO trail mix bars in the energy bar aisle. Not so much your thing, but still good.

-The Librarian

MdG said...

I do hate you, you know, that you get to go to WH, just whenever. So not fair!!!!

You should try Fage, but get it in the 2% or 5%, because the Total is waaaaaay too rich.

PS. I sent you something in the mail.