Thursday, June 7

More Moving 411

We are a go for transferring cable to our new(ish) place tomorrow.

Mrs. S, I know you're crossing your fingers for me in hopes I get "Butt-Crack Comcast Tech!".

We had to inform Piko de G that there would probably be no TV for a couple of days. "No TV for Piko de G?" she says. She has started referring to herself in the third person, and I'm not sure if it's cute and funny, or irritating and babyish yet.
So yes, I had to inform her that we will be missing out on our 11 am, pre-lunch Mythbusters fix for the next couple of days.

And yeah, still hating the moving.


she said: said...

"Mrs. S, I know you're crossing your fingers for me in hopes I get "Butt-Crack Comcast Tech!"."

Okay - I am *so* hoping for a report on the comcrap-tech. Because you know I have a whole image. Not sure if its appropriate to ask if it has hair or not.. you know...just curious.

""No TV for Piko de G?" she says."

Her? What about me? What does that even mean no TV?

A couple of days@! What?

I was going to email you today.. but I didn't sleep well, and I didn't really have anything funny to say. Plus I'm sulking because I'm on a loaner machine. But probably not as bad as moving - so I should just shut the hell up.

You should go watch this- and don't get all squeamish on me. Watch it till the end no matter how much you don't want to. It gets better after 3 minutes.

she said: said...

Okay - so Mr S. Just came up with

ComcASStech. Cause you know their slogan is..say it with me...

and yes- I do start everything with - okay.

MdG said...

So, ComcASStech.
Yeah, lucky me, no butt crack. He was actually quite a handsome fella.
TV, phone, and internets are up at the new(ish) place. No service at the old place.

"and yes- I do start everything with - okay."

'S allright, I start everything with- So.

I'll e-mail you a picture of my feeble attempt at laying pavers to extend our sad little porch slab. Let's just say that they are *mostly* even.