Monday, June 25

It's 1:30am and I'm up coughing a lung out.

Freakin-A I hope that the NyQuil kicks in soon because I'm tired.

So, nothing much to talk about at the de Gallo camp. The move is finally totally and completely over, we are checked out and cleared from the old place. All ten fingers and toes accounted for. For now.

The Librarian came for a visit last week. I love her. LOVE HER! She got me an early birthday present. A MASSAGE! What perfect timing. We usually go for a mutual massage day for our birthdays sometime during the summer. This year though I got together with a bunch of my other friends and bought her some of those Bose noise cancelling headphones for her trip to Africa. Well, she decided that since she had traveled half way around the world, and I moved my entire house myself (well, at least half of it), we should go get our massages anyway. And she treated. I love her, did I mention that already? Well, I usually come away from a massage feeling relaxed, but not feeling like my knots and kinks were worked out. Well, let me tell you, this time the masseuse pummeled me. And it was gooooood. But being me, my massage was only three days ago, and again I'm all crunchy and tensed up again. Poo!!

I almost forgot to post this too. In addition to the headphones, I made The Librarian a quilt. I only have photos of it before I backed it, and quilted it, because I was going to take a picture of her and Piko de G sitting on it or something. And of course I forgot. Here it is hanging at our old place.

I love the way that it looks with the sun shining through it, like a stained glass window.

It's called "The Librarian is Charming", because it's made with Heather Bailey Freshcut "Charms". I have to get a picture of it finshed. I want one for myself. I think I should make another one.

Ooookay, the NyQuil is kicking in.


she said: said...

Hmmmm.... quilting on NyQuil. And the lines look so straight!

Seriously though.. that is one nice looking quilt. I love how it is so geometric.

Sorry you are feeling bad.. I always get sick after I have a huge amount of stress. Like moving.
Try some mucinex: It will help you from coughing so much.

MdG said...

It's more of a tickle dry cough. It totally sucks though.

I'm trying to come up with a robot quilt pattern. Shouldn't be too hard, since they can be boxy and geometric.

Jacy said...

That is a beautiful quilt. I am so envious of your craftiness.

MdG said...

Thanks! I have to get a picture of it finished. It looks completely different. Unfortunately at his house I have no line to string it on. I'll have to figure something out.

Anonymous said...

The quilt looks even better in person. I was totally shocked. MdG is well-known for her craftiness, but this quilt has kicked her skills into high gear! I hope to have it for many years and get all snuggly with it.
She didn't mention that she filled me up with fantastic food every night and that I'm still dreaming of ice cream cake....
-The Librarian

MdG said...

You're going to laugh, but there is still cake left in the freezer. Hopefully tonight M. Sarge and the Grandma's will eat it up. I need the room.