Sunday, June 17

M. Sarge almost made an Air Force Widow out of me today.

We finally moved the washer and dryer to the new(ish) house, and as I was fiddling around with the stuff that was around the laundry M. Sarge was removing the 4 prong electrics that were attached to the dryer. The new(ish) house has a 3 prong outlet, and luckily we have a 3 prong cord.

I'm sure you can see where this is all going.

I'm around the corner from the laundry area and I see a bright flash and hear a loud bang. HOLY CRAP!!! WHAT WAS THAT?!?!?

Apparently M. Sarge wanted to make sure that the 3 prong plug actually fit into the outlet, so he plugged it in.


He's fine. I'm sure he has lost some of the hair on his hand, but other than a new healthy respect for Mr. Electricity, business as usual.

On a high note, we now know where the fuse box is.


Jacy said...

Goodness! Is he OK?

MdG said...

Light a few more brain cells, but he's ok.

she said: said...

Yeah - guys can function perfectly well without those brain cells. Odd.

Glad he's okay. Buy a fire extinguisher. And if he does that again - learn that you have to kick him off the electricity if it doesn't turn out so well next time. And there will. An old electrician bit of wisdom.

dennis said...

mr. electricity was feeling kind!

congrats on locating the fuse box!!