Saturday, June 2

Hi-Ho! Hi-Ho! Moving house we go!!

Well, Sarge is now Master Sarge. Well, he's really MSgt. Sarge. 'Cause he ain't no master of me. Anyhoo...

We decided to see if we could squeeze a bigger house out of the housing office on base, and they offered us one. It's quite older than our current townhouse, but it has 4 bedrooms, and A GARAGE!!!!

Piko was excited that the minivan would have a "room of it's own", but of course you know that garage is being made over into the Batcave. Sarge has already bought a mini-fridge. I am so glad that he is not a beer drinker, or I know we would have a Kegerator. Hmmm......I wonder if they make a Whiskyrator?

So we will be real busy. I have to transplant my garden, and yeah, there's all that pesky moving of stuff that we have to do. I guess I don't have to go to the gym this week.


she said: said...

OMG! Congrats via association.

I was just going to email you to see why the all of a sudden move. But really happy to hear that you are getting such a great place. Tell the base to give you a solid core door so Msarge can sleep. 4 bedrooms.. sounds like you need more children.

MdG said...