Thursday, November 2

Sarge's New Diet

So at dinner tonight Sarge announced that next week he is going to go CARB FREE!


Sarge came back from his deployment a svelte 180lbs. He was going to the gym daily, swimming, and eating grilled chicken salads for dinner. Granted I was trying to foil his plans of weight loss by sending him chocolate chip cookies, twizzlers, marshmallow fluff, and creme crackers. He looked great when he got home, and don't get me wrong, he still looks great.

But since he has been home, we have gone to Maine, and I think I have mentioned before what a caloric nightmare that was. He has also not been going to the gym regularly, and he has been eating my home cooking. Like I said, Sarge still looks great, but he has gained about 10 lbs. And it's all on his belly. (I constantly tell him that it is all part of my evil plan to make him chubby so no other women look at him)

So back to the CARB FREE diet.

Now, I'm no fan of this, and I will not be participating. I will reduce the amount of carbs I will eat, but to me cutting them out entirely is just kind of crazy. I'm sure that he has not intentions to maintain that diet for the rest of his life, so this just smacks of "fad diet" to me. I guess he wants to lose the spare tire.

The rest of this week we will slide gently into this "diet" by cutting back on carbs, and then next week, he's going cold turkey.

I'm sure I'll be e-mailing The Librarian with questions like:

Is instant oatmeal a carb?

No really, is it?

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