Tuesday, November 21

I heart Mr. Darcy

I love me some Mr. Darcy!!!
I will watch Pride and Prejudice every single time it comes on TV.
I'm talking about the new one with Kiera Knightly. I have not seen the old version with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy, but I'm sure I'd love it too.

And, I'm seriously loving on the actor that played Mr. Darcy in the newest version.
Matthew MacFayden. HOT!!!!

So of course I had to Google him to see what else he has been in. However, seeing him out of character I was a little disappointed. He's still kind of cute, but in a puffy John Cusack sort of way.

But of course I'm still going to watch, because Mr. Darcy rocks!
The sad thing though is that if I buy the DVD, I'll never watch it. I am that lazy in my adoration.

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