Thursday, November 1

Glad That's Over....

Halloween, over for another year. And we were heck-a busy.
Fall Festival, 2 birthday parties, soccer, pinata smash, all cumulating in the sugar fest of Trick O' Treating.

Finished shots of my horns, completing the outfit, heavy black eyeliner and awesome Drag Queen false eyelashes.

Piko in her costume last night, she eschewed(??) the makeup and hairstyling tonight, she just wanted to get outside with her friends.

Pumpkin pinata after it had been smashed. I forgot to take a picture of it hanging up.

The candy scramble.

Piko taking a shot at the second spider sack pinata.

And the aftermath. Poor pinatas, I know that's what they're made for, but still...

Sarge took Piko around the block for Treating, he had to be home by 7:00 or so because he had to be somewhere at 8:00. Well, they didn't make it back until almost 7:30!!! Sarge was carrying Piko's candy bucket, and his pockets were stuffed with more candy. Holy crap!!! Luckily more kids were still coming to our door, so I was able to sort Piko's stuff and get all of the taffy, gum, and things that she does not eat and redistribute. I swear she had about 6 lbs. of junk. And I have to say that Milk Duds are kicking my butt this year.


Jacy said...

I KNEW you were beautiful!

Gorgeous! I see where Piko gets it from.

MdG said...

You know, anytime I'm feeling blah, I'm just going to post my picture, and you can crush me with your love.