Thursday, November 8

I'm always managing to get messy.

I know, I know, a bit too old for the black nail polish. But I rather like it.

So what's all the paint about?
Piko's school is going on a Reading Safari!!!!! Whatever that is. All I know is I was asked to paint a jungle mural. Sarge says it's more of a forest, but what the hey. That's what they get when they only give me 2 days!

Poor Piko, she fell asleep wile we were reading tonight.

A closer bit of the "mural" and Dog deG's butt.

And you KNOW I got paint on the carpet! Frackity-frack!


JustaGirl said...

I think your mural is fantastic!!!
You are a brave woman painting that close to a WHITE couch!!! You must have skilzzz! Obvs ;)

MdG said...

Oh that piece of junk has a changeable slipcover. And honestly, with a huge dog, and a kid, it's more than a little "tan" already.

But thanks for the props!

Jacy said...

MDG!!! You painted that in two days???!??!??

Maybe I do believe in God!

she said: said...

You do have mad skilz. I bet you make all the other moms crazy with your over achieving ways. That would be fun to watch.

Pageant Mom said...

I repeat: I am so jealous of your creativity! I can't even get the collar of a coverup for my daughter's pageant dress sewed with a straight hem.

You rock!

Rebecca said...

I am totally digging the black nail polish.