Saturday, November 17

Not Quite RIght

Blah. This is just not quite right. I think I'll have to keep tweaking it. I would really like my banner to look more like Finnegan's Cake. I think it has more to do with finding the right template. I'm getting all buggy eyed trying to do it.


JustaGirl said...

this layout might take some getting used to for me ;)

But I LOVE the green!!!

MdG said...

Yeah! Green is my favorite color.

Jacy said...

Tis very Irish!!

Top o' the mornin' to ya, MDG!

Pageant Mom said...


I didn't expect this, I really need to go to bed now... I should have been there an hour ago anyway LOLOLOLOL (I'm just too wired right now)

You'll have to give us all pointers when you figure out how to tweak!!


Tanya Espanya said...

I like this green a lot, too.