Friday, November 2

Tired? Me too

I blame President Bush.
What you say??
OK, so my neighbor and I were talking yesterday about how tired we have been this week. She beat me out by telling me that she went to bed at 8:30 on Wednesday, after Trick or Treating with her kids. Well, I give her leave to be more tired than I am since she has 3X as many children as I do. I fell asleep in the middle of Mythbusters on Wednesday, so I never did get to see Jamie jump on that pile of gunpowder. (I did suggest to Piko yesterday that we should be the Mythbusters for Hallowen next year, but was promptly shot down. I can't imagine any 6 year old girl who wouldn't want to wear a walrus mustache, a black beret, and a crisp white shirt as their costume. She wants to be some kind of princess again, go figure.)
Anyway, I mentioned that maybe it had to do with the fact that our bodies are used to being one hour behind by this time of the year. You know, since President Bush changed the day that we are going to get that extra hour of sleep.
Do you suppose that our internal body clocks are so well set that this could even be possible?

And on another note, yay for more mediocrity!! We're going to the first quarter awards ceremony at Piko's school today. One parent has told me that the Principal of the school does not believe in only rewarding some kids, and that everyone will most likely be getting some kind of an award. Way to encourage a sense of entitlement and lack of motivation in our children. From the Principal no less. I guess we have to wait and see what happens.


Pageant Mom said...

If you don't know what losing is like, how do you know what winning is?

Thing is, some kids will never find motivation whether a prize is offered or not... then not only will they not care about trying to win, they'll just gripe when they don't get a handout.

As for the time I wish they'd move it a half hour one way or the other and just leave it alone from there.

MdG said...

Yesh! I know I go on and on about the abundance on non-awards given to kids these days. I was pleasantly surprised to see that not everyone got an award. Sarge felt a little bit bad for Piko's class because there were only about 5 kids who didn't get anything. But, I told him that those were the children who were consistently misbehaving and causing disruptions in class. Why reward bad behavior? Piko did say that a couple of kids were mad that they didn't get an awards, but that the teacher turned it into a motivational experience for them to work on improving their behavior. I love Piko's teacher!!

As for the time change, I forgot that it was happening on Saturday night, so I didn't set my clocks back Saturday night before going to bed. So I shot out of bed Sunday moring at "9:00" thinking "OH! CRAP!!!" Silly me.